Paper Example on Get Great Employees: Use Referrals for Optimal Results

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Getting new employees can be very difficult since you do not have their qualifications and experience as a result, you may end up having quark employees who my in turn affect the organization negatively. For instance, they may reduce the rate of production. The author in chapter therefore, proposes some of the best ways that can be used by the organization to nest best and effective employees. The author proposes the use of referrals as a means of getting wonderful employees. In order to get the best referrals, the author asserts that the employer needs to exhaustively describe what he or she wants and get the best referee to make referrals. Another way of getting the best recruit is making the recruit process part of everyone job in the organization to come with variety of employees. Google considers advertisements as one of the crude and ineffective way of getting employees due to so many pretense that are out there.

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Discuss both the extrinsic and intrinsic motivators

Motivation is very important or every employee and employees are capable of doing great work if they are motivated in one way or the other, motivation can come within a person where someone is saying by himself or herself that he really want to the task without being influenced by any external factor. On the other hand, extrinsic motivation is caused by external factors, which motivate one. For instance, it is possible that one can decide to work hard to achieve certain pay rate. According to google, extrinsic motivators comprise of the referral bonuses, public recognitions, promotions, trips, and salary increments. These are all external influence on the employees that determine the rate at which one will perform in a given area of work. Google on the other hand, indicates that the intrinsic motivators are the internal zeal to do something. A good example given by the author is the desire to do the best for the family or give back to the community. Intrinsic motivation works best in that it is self-driven and even if some factors are not include, an intrinsic motivated person will continue to work effectively.

Attributes that Google says will predict whether someone would be successful at Google

There are various attributes that one needs to look into to ensure that they are successful in their operation. It gets vital to note that each company comes its own success factors and the attributes that google is using may not be the same as the one that the other organization is using. The attributes that are being used by google incorporates setting a high bar to enhance quality. This will always help the organization to measure the ability of the employee. Another attribute that is used by google is ability to find your own candidate; this will give you the opportunity to determine the strength and weaknesses of your employees thus, easy working with them. Thirdly, it is important to assess the candidates, and to find out their objectives and finally, it is important the candidates have a reason to join the company. I think the attributes will be applicable in other public sectors because the attributes are measurable and can help the organization to come up with great recruit development plan.

Comparing google hiring procedures with traditional procedures

Google is using the current means of recruiting employees, which deviates from the traditional ways that are still used by various companies. In comparison, the techniques that are used by google in recruiting their employees I consider to be the best in comparison to the traditional ways, which are not measurable, and the employers does not even know the employee. In addition, using the techniques which are used by good allow the organization to filter the employees and remain with those who are intrinsically motivated and who knows what brought them in them in the company. some of the advantages of methods used by google include, getting to know the employee better, choosing the best of the best and it help in coming with employees who knows what brought them in the company. Some of the disadvantages of google technique include, time consuming and it is expensive to carry out. Wisdom of crowd is an idea that the thoughts of a group is much better than that for and individual. This approach is used to determine the best employees among all.

What google is doing to reduce the power of the managers

Managers can sometimes monopolize the company so that they are the only one whose voices can be heard. This is not the case in google as there are various ways that re used to control the power of the managers. First, the elimination of the symbol of statutes. It is important to note that in Google, the manager is not on the top of making the decisions especially the decision to hire or to fire an employee. There are procedures that are followed in order to do so. Another way is that there is no opinion of the manger that counts, however, everyone must make decision that is in line with available data. This means that unlike in other companies where the decision of the mangers holds whether it is not supported, in Google it is the data available communicate the next direction of action. Mass empowerment is the ability to empower a group of people such as the employees. Google do mass empowerment by giving the employees opportunity to make decisions. Sample bias is the situation where group of people are discriminated for instance, by not involving in decision-making. This can affect decision-making since some people may feel that they are not part of the company.

Why to separate evaluation from development

In evaluation the determination of subjects of merits is conducted and the significance using the set standards. This implies that when evaluating the Google Company the performance of Google is weighed with the set standards. This will determine if the level of the company performance is effective or there is need for improvement. On the other hand, development refers to the means of pushing the company forward. Therefore, it can be stated that the evaluation is done to help in coming up with the ways of developing the organization. Combining these two processes is therefore impossible owing to the fact that one process will define another process. Moreover, combining development and evaluation will lead to the confusion and it will be difficult to determine the best ways that can be used to improve the business. It is therefore important that after a given period, the evaluation is done to determine the best way to improve the business.

What is project oxygen and its conclusions

Project Oxygen was done to figure out what makes a director extraordinary at Google. From this examination, we recognized eight practices that are basic among our most elevated performing administrators and joined them into our supervisor advancement programs. By publicizing and preparing supervisors on these eight practices, we saw an improvement in the executives at Google and group results like turnover, fulfillment, and execution after some time.

However, as our organization developed in size and intricacy, requests on our administrators and pioneers expanded also. From the results of our representative study we discovered that Googlers needed to see increasingly powerful cross-association coordinated effort and more grounded basic leadership rehearses from pioneers. We've likewise gotten familiar with how we need directors to appear in a portion of our related work streams. The undertaking oxygen delineated that after some time, the characteristics of an incredible supervisor at Google had developed and advanced with alongside the organization.


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