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Sheltair Aviation Services commonly known as Sheltair refers to a privately owned Fort Lauderdale Company that is based in Florida ("Sheltair Aviation", 2018). The company provides services such as properties, construction, and fixed-base operators (FBOs) services. An FBO refers to an organization that is given the right by a particular airport to conduct activities in the airport by offering aeronautical services including aircraft parking, fueling, and maintenance of aircraft, instructing flights, and aircraft rental among other activities. More often, an FBO is located at the vicinity of the airport as it provides support services to other general aviation activities in the particular airport.

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In this case, therefore, Sheltair offers aviation support to various aviation networks by the help of its operation network that has a fourteen fixed based statement across three major states in the United States including New York, Georgia, and Florida. The properties and construction divisions cover approximately twenty airports in the United States. Generally, Sheltair offers a wide range of services including fueling, aircraft cleaning, passenger services, crew services, ground support, office space options, and other aeronautical services therein ("Sheltair Aviation", 2018).

A Brief History of the Company

Sheltair Company was initially founded as Holland Builders Inc. in the year 1963 by Jerry Holland. In the 1980s, the company grew and developed to accommodate a new division that operated by providing leases on properties ("FLL - Ft. Lauderdale, FL - Sheltair Aviation Services", 2018). The division was the Sheltair Aviation Facilities which was significant in managing the rapidly growing aviation portfolio. The name of the company 'Sheltair' was derived from the phrase 'shelter for aircraft.' In 1988, the company expanded the business venture by expanding the services to the General Aviation industry. In this case, the company established two FBOs which entailed the construction of the Daytona Beach Jet Center and the Fort Lauderdale Jet Center ("FLL - Ft. Lauderdale, FL - Sheltair Aviation Services", 2018). The major function of the two FBOs was to provide fueling services and ground service support. With time, the name 'Jet Center' became common referring to the FBOs across the United States. As a result, in the period between 1990 and 2000s, the company found the need to rename the division. It was during this period that the company took up the name Sheltair to refer to the business segment providing aviation services as it helped create a significant brand loyalty in the aviation properties. Therefore, the name 'Sheltair Aviation Services referred to the FBO business as well as describing the management of the company's facilities, while the name 'Sheltair Aviation Facilities' referred to the leasing business.

Over the years, the resulting three divisions in Sheltair Company including Sheltair Aviation Services, Sheltair Aviation Facilities, and Holland Builders have shown remarkable growth and expansion. For instance, the number of FBOs has grown, and the number of leasing locations has also alleviated. Currently, there are approximately 16 FBOs, 18 property leasing hangars, and an office space present in more than 20 airports. Additionally, the ownership of the company is still held by Jerry Holland, who is the founder and the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the company ("FLL - Ft. Lauderdale, FL - Sheltair Aviation Services", 2018).

Ft. Lauderdale - Hollywood Int'l Airport

As discussed above, the LBO emerged after Jerry Holland began his construction company in South Florida in the early 1960s. The growth and development of the company lie in the personalization and the humble touch of business exhibited by the founder. Through his work, Holland maintained honesty, integrity, and the need to do things the right way. These values are still present to the resulting LBOs to date. With the help of the founder, Sheltair continues to maintain high standards for both the product quality and to the employees as well. It in turn aids in maintaining quality customer service that leads to remarkable customer satisfaction. Furthermore, Sheltair Company majorly focuses on delivering quality customer satisfaction other than focusing on shareholder returns. It hence justifies the reason for the strong customer loyalty and the broad customer base that has been evident in the company over the years ("FLL - Ft. Lauderdale, FL - Sheltair Aviation Services", 2018). It helps the company to create a competitive edge. Additionally, the company operates competitively in the industry as there is no any other company that provides a wide range of services as compared to Sheltair Company.

Consequently, other than the wide range of services and the customer satisfaction focus, the company also invests in skill and talent development particularly for the approximate 450 employees who make up the Sheltair team. The training and skill development aims at creating highly skilled and competent aviation professionals that are highly dedicated to providing excellent customer satisfaction ("FLL - Ft. Lauderdale, FL - Sheltair Aviation Services", 2018). These employees always ensure that consumers encounter the best possible experience. The company acknowledges that consumers have many choices regarding aviation services and for this reason, they strive to provide the best choice for the consumers therein.

Fort Lauderdale FBO is centrally located, and it operates 24 hours by providing full executive service at Fort Lauderdale located at the Hollywood International Airport which is among the rapidly growing international airports. Once the passengers arrive, they can access efficient facilities in south Florida including restaurants, beaches, hotels, cinema halls, golf, and stadiums omen other recreation facilities. Fort Lauderdale FBO provides services for all passengers with different motives either for pleasure or business. It is necessitated by the fact that the LBO is a few minutes from the business district operations, Port Everglades, and other renowned beautiful sceneries in South Florida (Fort Lauderdale Hollywood International Airport, 2008).

The Company's Core Values

The company operates under the guidance of five core values including safety, premium quality, integrity, efficiency and high level of service to consumers. These values allow the company to operate successfully by surpassing the consumer experience. Currently, the company operates under the trademark of focusing on creating a remarkable consumer experience ("FLL - Ft. Lauderdale, FL - Sheltair Aviation Services", 2018). Sheltair is a unique company in the industry, and it has a diversified market strategy. The company acknowledges their unique factor which is relevant in creating a competitive edge by recognizing the need to value the customer experience. With the help of the dedicated and passionate founder and CEO, Sheltair consistently values the consumer needs and expectations across the 17 FBOs and 21 airports ("FLL - Ft. Lauderdale, FL - Sheltair Aviation Services", 2018). Shelter employs the philosophy of excellence in all its operations. Holland outlines that striving to provide quality design, deliver quality customer service, and make timely deliveries evident in the current business represents the building blocks utilized to establish the company from the initial stage.

Sheltair Partners

Sheltair Company partners with two notable companies including Jet Aviation Company and Av Fuel Corporation ("FLL - Ft. Lauderdale, FL - Sheltair Aviation Services", 2018). Jet Aviation Company is a multinational company that is a global leader in maintaining quality health and safety. The two companies have been in partnership for over half a century. Jet Aviation Company provides aviation services including aircraft maintenance, refurbishment staffing, and management of aircrafts, chartering of aircrafts, and FBO.

On the other hand, Av Fuel Corporation focuses on supplying fuel, services, and aircraft systems globally. It works by connecting the aviation customers across the globe including FBOs, helicopters, airports, local and international airlines, corporate flight divisions, and charter operatives among others. The company tailors the services to suit the consumer requirements at hand. As reported by the FBO as at 17th September 2018, the fuel price of 100LL Avgas Full service is 7. 71 dollars while a Jet a Full service is 6. 62 dollars ("AirNav: Sheltair Fort Lauderdale at Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood International Airport", 2018).

Corporate Social Responsibility

Sheltair strives to value the communities within the environment they operate. Sheltair has partnered with the communities by developing community initiatives such as 'Run for the Angels' and 'Racing for Cancer' ("FLL - Ft. Lauderdale, FL - Sheltair Aviation Services", 2018). The initiative aims at saving lives by running on the airport runway. The mission of this initiative is to provide a free flight for both adults and children who require expert medical attention but lack the ability. The initiative provides them with an opportunity to access qualified doctors who are far from home to help save their lives. The activities take place at Orlando Executive Airport on 31st March 2018 and at Pompano Beach Airpark on 5th May 2018.


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