Paper Example on Coca-Cola's Breakthrough Innovation: Innovating the Packaging Process

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Date:  2023-02-06

1. How do you think the analytical model of decision making might have been applied by Coca-Cola when designing new bottles? What specific tasks might have been done at each step in the process?

The analytical model involves the identification of the problem. The Coca-Cola Company realized that it needed to seek a breakthrough innovation in the packaging of the products. The team given this task defined their objectives which included creating a consistent new look for the company with a design that identified the brand (Greenberg, 2010). The pre-decisions that were made were aimed at coming up with a plan that would create a good experience for the customers. Hence they decided to ask visitors to submit their proposals on their site, and also the officials turned to its bottle suppliers for suggestions from where they generated alternatives. They evaluated the various designed presented to them and chose to use the winning design of Earl R. Dean. The choice was implemented by actually making bottles that had the plan. Hence, there are 450 different brands, more than 300 different models of vending machines, and various design standards being used throughout the world. On evaluation, clear criteria are being used to specify precisely what the company is trying to achieve through making more improvements to this design (Adeyemi & Salami, 2010).

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2. What errors or biases might have contributed to less-than-perfect decisions in this case? How might they have been overcome?

The group that came up with the Coca-Cola design did not put sufficient efforts in the analytical model of decision making as they failed to consider the significant process of comprehensive which would generate alternatives as well as evaluate their choices (Barker & Zabinsky, 2011). These setbacks would be overcome through the utilization of a proper feedback mechanism from the consumers on the satisfaction of the product.

3. What might recommendations for improving the decision-making process identified in this chapter be applied in this case? How do you think they would help?

To improve the decision-making process, the Coca-Cola officials would have learned from experience through reviewing the best decisions that the company had made earlier to give this task equal attention to those that turned so well and also asses those that did not (Greenberg, 2010). The company should have also used more outside opinions to get a view from a different perspective.


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