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Charity Education Systems Organization is an organization under the ministry of education and its main aim is to help at-risk or disabled children to be able to access the basic and needed education. The organization has been in existence for the past five years and deals with learners with disabilities including dysphasia, dyslexia, and dysgraphia among others. The organization has been doing all its best to improve the education of the identified learner who is at risk. Other than your foundation, the organization also works together with in order for the organization to work properly and meet its intended objectives. The organization has a workable leadership arrangement which is democratic in nature for it involves all its staff in decision making regarding the organization.

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This ensures that the horizontal and the vertical communication within the organization are effective for the working of the organization. The organization was established five years ago, with the sole aim of ensuring that the learners with certain learning deficits are able to acquire the expected knowledge, skills and attitudes. It started with only five children, three of them being those with dyscalculia and two with dyslexia. This has however changed over the years for the organization at the moment handles a population of 200 children who have been diagnosed and are receiving proper learning. This is attributed to the improved perception from the general public and community concerning at-risk children they live with.

The managing director Mrs. Jennifer Hazelton, is in charge of the organization who is appointed by the board of directors which is made up of ten members who represent each of the organization's department, making sure that each person is responsible. The board is responsible for the overall running and day to day working of the organization. The board members are also voted in by the staffs of the organization during the annual general meeting of the organization which is held during the Christmas holidays. Each member except the managing director has a three-year term to serve the organization as a member of the board. The managing director works with an age limit which is at 60 years of age before another managing director is appointed.

Annie E. Casey Foundation is one of the main funding foundations, the organization receives findings both in terms of cash, equipment, and human resource. The organization then records all they have received from the various funding foundations and then distributed accordingly to the various departments within the organization. The distribution is done after a meeting between the organization's management and staff, who agree on the best way of distributing the resources. The department is headed by Mr. Michael Owen, who also adds up as the organization's accountant. Over the past five years, the organization has been in existence, it has helped educate more than a thousand learners who were identified as being at risk. This is largely attributed to the good working relationship between the organization management and the surrounding community, who are the number one beneficiaries of the working of the organization. Availability of modernized diagnostic devices makes it easier for the at-risk children to be easily identified and proper learning objectives and strategies formulated.

Since the at-risk learners require specialized learning objectives and performance objectives, they need to be taught and be care for with people who are specially trained to handle such learners. The organization gets sufficient supply of the teachers from the ministry of education, ensuring that the intended objectives of the organization are met. This is vivid from the performance of the learners which gradually improves once the learners have been identified. Mr. Michum is the best teaching staff we have in the organization. This is because he is liked by all learners and the general staff. He is very hard working and has a good working relationship with the management, fellow colleagues and also the learners. He has also been voted as the best staff member for the organization for the past three years in a row.


I would like to appreciate Annie E. Casey Foundation for taking interest in our organization and it is through your foundation that the community will be able to accept that there are at risk learners around us and hence be willing to bring them forth to be educated properly. Through proper interactions between the organization and the community with the help of your foundation, many families have been able to accept that their children have certain learning difficulties and therefore bring them to our organization for help. This has strengthened the family and community ties for they are able to accept their children the way they are.


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