Paper Example: Ensuring Risk Mitigation During Earthquakes in Sentinel City

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Date:  2023-11-03

As a result of the earthquake within the Industrial Heights and Casper Park residential areas of Sentinel City, there are various steps that should be followed closely to ensure the mitigation of risks is done. First of all, an earthquake disaster has a higher probability of leading to casualties, especially if it happens in the city. In the town, there are a lot of industries which carry a significant number of employees. Besides, there are commercial offices which are mostly erected as tall buildings and are likely to be affected by the earthquake. It is noted that the services that will be needed are that of first aid and the rescue team to be required in large numbers to address the issue of casualties. The routes to health centers must be busy with ambulance services used at a higher degree to ensure that the victims or casualties are addressed well.

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An earthquake has the full potential of resulting in public health effects. First of all, it greatly results to infrastructural damage. When there is that shaking, the tallest building within the town can scrabble and fell. It is an aspect that leads to a high degree of casualties as falling objects lead to severe injuries. Apart from the tall buildings, the earthquake has the capability of damaging communication and transport network structures. For example, the boosters can be damaged depending on the intensity of the earthquake. Besides, the paths such as road and railway networks and other structures could be profoundly damaged by the trembling of the earth. The destruction of the structures has a high capability of causing hazards and injuring the population involved. It is also noted that earthquake results in some environmental hazards such as tsunamis, which have far-reaching consequences, especially to individual living in coastal regions. As a result of an earthquake in Sentinel City, there is a need to come with an emergency management team. The members of the management team should be fully trained on first aid giving. It is noted that after an emergency, the first step is to save as many lives as possible. That activity can be carried well by individuals experienced in emergency management (Zicko et al., 2017). Most casualties from earthquake disasters are likely to sustain severe injuries from flying or falling objects. Therefore, it calls for highly professional and experienced team members to deal with that kind of disaster.

It is noted that the emergency response team members must have been fully aware of how to carry the process of response. There must be a director of delegating duties to the team members on how to handle the casualties. It is observed that there are different levels of causalities, depending on the injuries sustained. The more injured the victims, the more urgent attention needed, and there must have a criterion to use on how to attend to all of them. In most scenarios of any disaster, both public and private organizations work together to ensure the risk is far much mitigated (Porter et al., 2018). However, private organizations will offer the solution of the short term due to the limitation of resources. About the public organizations, they have to provide long-term assistance as they have the required resources. First of all, these organizations need to assess the possible reason of having an intense earthquake in Sentinel City. Then, they will determine the extent of damage caused by the earthquake. It is through learning about the area that the organization will come up with a recovery plan and strategies of preparedness (O'Brien et al., 2020). These strategies will aid a lot in predicting the level of damage in case a similar disaster occurs.

The usage of social media platforms, for example, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Snapchat, and LinkedIn has a lot of impact on a view about disaster response. First of all, these social media platforms are used to pass information to the public about the disaster. There are risks which are associated with using social media platforms to give susceptible information. By nature, the information about an accident is always sensitive as it deals with the loss of lives. It is noted that the information passed on these platforms about the status of the emergency, and its consequences are always misguided (Li et al., 2017). A lot of information about the response and recovery do not reflect the real situation and the consequences of the disaster. The data is either hyped or twisted in an attempt to make the situation felt small while, in reality, the consequences are intense.

On the other hand, some benefits can be accrued on the quick public response on social media about a disaster. First of all, the information spreads first in social media, and it covers extensive coverage as most of people frequent users of these social media platforms. Through that extensive coverage, the management team is easily reached and arrives on time to offer medical assistance. Besides, social media can be used to educate people on the various necessary steps to take in case of an emergency strike.


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