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Most companies are often faced with overwhelming and complicated challenges, especially for global high-tech companies with large branches worldwide. The problems may stem from internal to external ones, encompassing, low employee morale, differences in opinions following both cultural and communication differences, challenges of technology, and absence of teamwork among employees. Overcoming such problems is what informs the differences between companies that become successful and the companies that fail. For the company to succeed., there is a need to identify the numerous challenges that the modern workplace is vulnerable to face and compelling solutions and foundations of knowledge to solve the problems. The big question is, how can the management foster the cohesiveness within the team in the company? Also, what are the essence of internal environmental factors in the realms of the team-building process? Finally, what are the best practices that can be implemented to overcome workplace challenges, especially the difficulties of communication barriers between locations? The management should, therefore, identify the numerous workplace challenges early enough and look for various ways of overcoming thew challenges through effective and efficient solutions; and multiple foundations of knowledge in solving the problems.

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A cohesive team encompasses a high performing team with goal-oriented skills, specialized, innovative, collaborative, complementary skills, and are consistent with their superior results. High performing team also underscores the relentless of the team in the pursuance of performing excellence through shared goals, open communication early conflict resolutions, m clear role expectations, trust, and accountability among members. The absence of those juxtaposes the internal challenges in the workplace that the management needs to identify and curb for the organization to be successful.

Necessary Steps by the Management to Make the Teams Cohesive

Team cohesion underscores the team members' feeling of connectedness and driven towards achieving a common goal through respect, trust, equal contributions, and working for a team through the diversity of talents (Wroblewki, 2019). The management should, therefore, ensure the cohesiveness of the group through hiring with variety in mind through the mix of viewpoints, cultures, and personalities. That would foster creative innovation enhances, more skills, talents, and experience in the organization that further translates into increased productivity, motivation, and improved performance of employees. Similarly, the management needs to set goals to ensure that each member is working towards the same objective for the attainment of better and quicker results. That would also prevent the development of conflict and competition that may ruin the cohesion of the group (Sling Team, 2014).

Moreover, the management should allow every member in the workplace to play active roles as that would allow for a mix of diverse skills, and everyone's contribution feel valued as they bring their strengths to the table. That would enforce the power in the team and active participation among team members. Additionally, the management should build trust with the employees for sufficient cohesion and success of the organization. That is through the creation of a secure place where each member can openly share their opinions without fear of rejection or ridicule, making employees open up to build trust among each other and the management and work together towards attainment to a common goal (Huhman,2013). Also, the administration should delegate authority by making each team member powers of making their own decisions to help them improve, stretch, and grow.

Similarly, the management should also resolve conflicts and arguments right away through mediation and formulation of solutions in case the conflict escalates to real discord. Additionally, effective communication is also vital as that is the bedrock of building a successful team. The management should encourage open and honest communication, which is two-way traffic to improve group cohesion. Similarly, the management5 should also create room for open and honest feedback by both the team members and the management and ensuring that the team sees the value of commenting on the performances of the workplace (Wroblwski,2019). Finally, the administration should set aside time for fun by allowing team members to socialize, celebrate, and form meaning full relationships that would help in-group cohesion in case of challenging tasks.

Importance of Internal Environmental Factors Affecting Team Building Processes

Significance of Cultural and Language Differences That Affect Team Building Process

Managing a culturally diverse team may be challenging, yet cultural diversity is a trend along with the globalization with significant companies. Cultural diversity has immense impacts on the performance of the group, and terms need to become multicultural as employees are expected to interact with people with diverse cultures. Cultural diversity influences the variables of cohesion, communication, conflicts, satisfaction, and creativity that will cooperatively affect the overall performance of the team. Cultural differences may result in disputes may also arise owing to the differences in opinions and priorities following the vast needs and demands (Ni,2016). Finally, cultural differences may harm the performance of the business, as some people are not satisfied working in a diverse environment as they are not comfortable working with dissimilar people. Consequently, a different working environment cultivates creativity through ideas with distinct perspectives. Language is one of the primary barriers in team-building among members in an organization like not understanding the culturally specific idioms and terms that may result in problems within the organization. When the management has language issues ion mind, they may use it in building a more energetic multicultural team (Hamlin,2020).

Importance of Political and Technological Differences That Affect Team Building Process

Political tensions at the workplace have effects on the team-building process, especially when employees engage in collaborative and stifling discussions that are incongruent with the practices at the workplace like in solving business challenges and in the creation of innovative products and problems. Some private companies, however, impose broad limits on political discussions during working hours. Leaders should, therefore, recognize and acknowledge political tensions at the workplace and ensure that the team members can work together despite the disagreements (Mizne,2020). Technology, on the other hand, enhances engagement and immersive experiences for employees without compromising their crucial principle of team building through the encouragement of cohesive working and improving communication, problem-solving and creative skills. Technology, therefore, allows managers in the facilitation of communication with team members and minimizes the expenses and time that are associated with group work.

Best Practices to be Implemented to Manage Challenges in the Workplace

There should be the use of a simple and clear language, active listening, reduction and elimination of levels of noise, and deletions of differences in perceptions through proper training on voice and accent to overcome communication barriers between locations. Also, there should be flexibility in meeting the targets of an adequate selection of the media and giving constructive feedback. Other best practices that should be implemented to manage workplace e challenges should be effective communication through engagement t in dialogues or role play and the managers being vast with communication breakdowns, and signs of communication problems. Also, managers should identify, confront, and address issues head-on as they emerge through listening to both parties and deriving a win-win solution that enhances productive relations. Management should also manage the performance of employees by balanci9ing meeting goals and employees’ motivation. Finally, the administration should administer policies that are fairly and consistent through formulating clear criteria for making decisions on employment.


Many global organizatio0ns are facing numerous challenges that may hinder their success. It is upon the management to identify the obstacles early enough and resolve them for the success of the organization, among other challenges faced in most organizations are the communication barriers, low employee, morale, avoidance of teamwork by employees, political and technological differences. The management should, therefore, implement the best practices to curb workplace challenges like addressing the problem at hand, setting attainable goals, encouraging diversity, teamwork, building trust among employees, supporting employees to take active roles, and encouraging feedback.


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