Organizational Research

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Date:  2021-03-15

The process of research has contributed to increased knowledge concerning the contemporary issues in the respective sector. The corporate industry has used research to solve complex problems and make necessary changes regarding organizational structures for maximum profit. In occupational health, research has revealed the multi-dimensional approach to risks and challenges within the health sector for adequate care and workers job satisfaction and competence. An evidence-based survey is a useful tool for management and organizational development. This excerpt examines the analysis of Gnewith and Russel in 2016 on the research concepts concerning the nature of items approach used by researchers during a social survey.

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The study conducted by Gnewith Fisher and Russel Matthews in 2016 was concerned about the effectiveness of using a Single-Item Measure approach in doing social research seeking to investigate any psychological variable. The survey focused on the dilemma affecting the choice made by researchers when choosing the Item Measure technique for their research processes. The duo investigated the effect of a Single-Item survey and the advantages associated with the method. The findings affirmed that using a Multi-Item Measure in a field investigation is effective because of the degree of validity and reliability; however, they showed how a Single-Item Methodology would suffice when other external factors such as the sample size, the scope, and the cost of the study are considered. The process of investigation was based on 37 psychology items concerning occupational and organizational health, which were analyzed according to their respective psychometric characteristics. The statistical results of the research showed that there is a correlation between the effectiveness of a study and the Single-Item Measure approach (Fisher, Matthews, & Gibbos, 2016). The two scholars concluded that the technique is important since it saves time, increases the rate of the responses, builds the effectiveness of the feasibility of designs, and eliminate the complexity of research administration.

It is essential to note that the study that the two scholars conducted revealed the critical perception of the research that is being carried out regarding the topics under investigation. A keen analysis of the psychological variables showed how the item measure is a crucial part of a research design. The perception that the Multi-Item analysis of the topic of the survey is useful in social research has been outlined as a baseless consideration. The analysis of the 37 items under investigation showed how focusing on a single item during the study design and process has a higher level of validity and reliability. The results of a survey that focused on a particular question with different psychometric characteristic eliminated the effect of biased response as well as increasing the sample range in longitudinal research. Therefore, once researchers have understood the concept of investigation items, then they will design their surveys based on objectives and variables of the targeted population.

Nevertheless, the process of conducting research is essential in making a decision. The processes in an organization involve the creation of strategies based on futuristic forecasts, defining corrective measures for risks, and implementing changes emanating from internal and external transformations. The management may choose to apply the knowledge and experience they have to make general decisions regarding the organizational matters. However, corporate environments are constantly evolving, calling for informed decision-making processes based on the facts about the characteristics of the problem and the possible solutions. In this study, the suitability of a solution depending on the nature of the problem can only be achieved through a succinctly designed research, which will provide sustainable implementations for organizations.

Moreover, I recommend the process of conducting research to depict the multidimensional facets of the variable under investigation. The researchers should maintain a Single-Item measure approach but consider the approaching the variable from a different perspective. The psychological characteristics are critical elements to evaluate in an organizational environment. Focusing on a single item during a research will yield reliable results; however, incorporating all the existing perceptions regarding the variable of the study will assist in generating a sustainable understanding of the concept under investigation. The results can easily be extended to a population with similar features without the loss of generality. Besides, researchers ought to include the aspect of a pilot study to ascertain the effectiveness of the established designs before engaging resources in research. The scholars should devise ways to deal with the skewed distribution occasionally associated with the Single-Item Measures.

In conclusion, the process of incorporating research in making decisions is essential because the options tabled are based on the facts collected in the field. The approach to be selected for a particular study will depend on the nature of variables being examined; however, upholding a higher degree of validity and reliability will ensure that the analysis depicts the reality of the targeted population. It is essential to note that each technique is associated with difficulty in defining the baseline measure for psychological factors such as perception and attitudes, but planning and conducting a pilot survey will assist in determining the mitigation measures for the shortcomings.


Fisher, G. G., Matthews, R. A., & Gibbons, A. M. (2016). Developing and investigating the use of single-item measures in organizational and research. Journal of Occupational Health Psychology, 21(1), 3 23. Doi:10.1037/a0039139.

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