Organization: Challenge-Cause Solution Paper Example

Paper Type:  Case study
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Date:  2022-11-18

Audience Analysis: The significant audiences are the students in colleges, and the Christians are the one that is dominating the catering. The central intention of the audience is on the preservation of the Christian beliefs and values as per Gods depiction. The primary cause of homelessness in most regions is the lack of people that is caused by discrimination.

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Transition: Most college students is to build and retrieve on the Christian rights that should be possessed by them in doing all the activities while in missions. The friendly aspect and the act of aiding poor people in reducing homelessness remain to be their primary objective.

Topic: The major issue I aim to handle is on the address of the homelessness personnel in the different regions of the country. In America, there is the problem of homelessness that lead people not to enjoy the Gods presence of living with suitable homes and thus fulfill Gods grace of helping each other as Christians in the world.

Main point: According to various statics the Americans remain to not need the provision of homes to the poor.

A. The main reason for lack of homes is on the lack of provision for the whole population at ease by the government.

B. The poor people remain to realize and depict that the main problem for their lack of homes is on corruption and mistreatment by the reach due to lack of better jobs.

According to my view, the homelessness aspect remains to be very crucial as far as the lives of the individuals in the US is threatened.

General Goal: To persuade.

Specific Goal: To persuade my audience on the issues of homelessness and thus develop on the different aspects to gap problem of poor economic and living conditions.


1. Provide jobs

The individuals that are poor should be employed to help them gap the issue of inadequate housing and lack of homes in different regions. People should be addressed at different percepts to handle the issue under Gods fulfillment in the Bible.

2. Development of homes for needy children

The American government should allocate money for construction of new homes to gap the various issues that affect its personnel's in towns. The country should be of much attention and take care of all aspects to create more programs for handling the problems (National Academies of Sciences et al. 2018).

3. Creation of adoption programs

Poverty remains to create more inconveniences to the issue of homelessness, and thus it is good for all the people to develop plans for adoption. It is, therefore, suitable for all the charitable organizations to address these issues of homelessness by use of various adoption programs.

4. Creation of awareness to all the people in churches

The poor individuals should be treated by use of the campaigns by the creation of awareness in developing new advancements in the gap of homelessness issue (Bassuk et al.2014).


1.On the summary of my thesis and the major points

We conclude that Americans have a problem with homelessness. In the essence of lack of a home for any human individual, there is the presence of more problems on the different extremes that threaten human life. As per Gods plan and wish it is our responsibility to help all the people to get shelter since we should be our brother keepers.

Transition: let's always have an essential aspect of the primary topic.


i. Main Point 1: Homelessness is prevalent due to the lack of attention by individuals and the government as a whole.

A. The people that get to be homelessness are more of the children as compared to the adults due to early deaths and high rates of lack of necessary aspects.

B. The adults argue that they get o to have no homes due to the lack of jobs and concern by the American government.

ii. End with a cincherI remain to encourage all the people to work hard and fight poverty, by all means, to make sure that all issues of homelessness are handled and scrapped off. The Christians and believers of Christ remain to have the role of addressing all the challenges to create more understanding of brotherhood and togetherness.


Bassuk, E. L., DeCandia, C. J., Beach, C. A., Berman, F., & National Center on Family Homelessness. (2014). America's youngest outcasts: A report card on child homelessness.

National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine (U.S.). (2018). Permanent supportive housing: Evaluating the evidence for improving health outcomes among people experiencing chronic homelessness.

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