Operations Department: Maximizing Output & Efficiency - Research Paper

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Date:  2023-05-10


A company has many departments that contribute to the resultant process. The operations crew is one that makes up the operation department. Their work is to endure that all that occurs in the company, attains the highest level of efficiency. Not only is efficiency vital, but also the ability to maximize output and minimize inputs should be put into consideration. The operations department is one that works like the technical team. They need to have a strategy in which they rely on to ensure maximum efficiency. The team is always alert since any time there is a challenge experience. They have to avail themselves to sort out the issue in the shortest time possible. The operations management has the mandate to supervise, plan, and organize the process of manufacturing, production, and service provision in any organization.the management operations focus on maintaining a high level of service and goods delivery. The management team should be able to utilize the available resources, such as the number of personnel, materials, technology, and equipment. The critical part of being an operational manager is that they need to handle strategic issues. The following is a description of the roles of operations management in designing the operational strategy of Dana Gas.

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Dana Gas is a natural gas company situated in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The company is the largest non-government company providing natural gas in the middle east. The operation management team in the company has the mandate to make sure that all operations in the company run smoothly. The team has to know all the processes taking place in the company together with how they are done. The supply of gas to four countries is a task only to be taken by the people who are committed and have a high value of safety since the product supplies by the company are highly flammable and volatile. The handling is so critical that the operations teams have to have a high value of precision, accuracy, and efficiency in their doings.

The design of the operations is that the company has penetrated into the markets of four countries, which include Egypt, Iran, Kurdistan, and UAE. The whole process is overlooked by the leading team situated in the headquarters and home country, UAE. The operations management is responsible for maintaining the high quantity of gas needed in all of these states. Since they also seek to explore more markets, operation management has to develop methods of ensuring more gas production.

The operation management team is essential in making a critical decision in the process by which the goods and services are produced. The operational team determines the whole production process since they are the ones responsible for knowing how the whole process is done. Having such knowledge is so vital for any organization since it would aid the company in making sure they hire the correct staff. The team can know who will work better in such a step.

Also, the team is important in determining the quality of goods and services offered by the organization. Through learning the whole procedure used by the company, the operational management team can deduce the type and level of quality of service and goods, which is the resultant output. Any change in the production process is enough to alter the nature of the product. The decision to change the quality is dependent on the information and assessment made by the operation management team.


The operation management is essential in determining the capacity of the company. This is such a critical decision since they should be available even before a company starts. Various assessment techniques have to occur on the site. Knowing where the raw material would come from and the expected yield on the company helps in availing the final deduction about the capacity of the company.

An inventory of all operational materials, tools, and pieces of equipment has to be kept in order. The operations team works together in all departments to ensure the procedures occur well. Since the operations team have to have an inventory of all the operational pieces of equipment in the station, the maintenance team can use such information in their daily doings.

Since the operation management team know all the process involved in the company, they are important to the human resource department. They can work together in ensuring that the people who get hired to the organization are competent to provide the required expertise to the specific job. Also, when determining the level in which employees are helping the company, they are useful in coming up with ratings. These five roles are necessary for the strategic design of operations in an organization.

The company should design a system whereby the markets in the different countries work independently in a way that there is a devolution system of running the enterprise. The head of operations in the countries would only be the ones to meet and discuss the way forward to different issues in the company. Also, much focus should be on infrastructure and safety. The reason why the company should heavily invest in infrastructure is to provide a better ground for being flexible and dynamic. Any time there is a shortage of products, the infrastructure is capable of accommodating more supplies. Since the products need a high level of handling, the safety of the consumers comes at a priority; thus, the quality of services should be preferred over quantity of consumers.


The supply chain department has to combine the tools and methods essential in combating the daily and long-term challenges experienced. Information technology has come about to ensure that business proceedings are efficiently and effectively managed. The use of information technology has highly benefitted the supply chain department. Management of inventory records has been seen as an innovative way in which IT has taken over into improving the management of the supply chain. Also, the use of information technology can successfully track the movement of products from the company to consumers. Information technology is vital in creating graphs that help in tackling the risks involved in the management process, thus essential in the process of planning. The work done by computers is unlimited to speed, and workload regardless of the computer is in good shape, and the software is working properly. The use of IT aids in increasing the speed in which information is conveyed and thus in=mportant in improving the quality of product delivery in time. The customer care department is also improved significantly.


Using quality-centered planning as a catalyst for process improvement has the following advantages. Quality leads to customer satisfaction; the improvement of a company is determined by how well it delivers and values its products. The resultant effect is that the customers become happy and satisfied. The problems faced by the other people using other products depress their urge to continue using other companies and thus attract them into adopting the services provided by Dana Gas. Quality centered is a form of marketing that is long-term. Quality is self-selling, and thus the company would not use much of its resources in begging the public into using their products.


Using the PDCA (Plan-do-check-act) tool can be of great assistance in solving some of the operational problems in the company. The tool starts with the process of selecting the theme of the area to focus on, which should be by the strategic objective of the organization. As for a case with Dana Gas, customer satisfaction should b the main point to focus on. The next step involves planning the schedule using the Gantt Chart. The situation assessed should then be visualized and presented. It is then important t to analyze the cause and establisg=h the required action. The use of a Pareto chart would essentially compare the effectiveness of the tool by offering a comparison of the before and after results. A recommendation on the use of the quality-centered approach is enough for the operation management to come up with solutions to their issues as the customers are the major asset to the company. Also, the maximization of profits should be proportional to the service offered; thus, the quality of products and services should not be compromised at any cost.


In conclusion, it is essential to effectively design and operational strategy since it avails the necessary actions a company needs to take. Dana Gas is a massive payer in providing energy resources n the gulf region. The operation management team has to ensure that there is no decline in the quality of service provided so that the brand name remains clean. The Quality-centered approach is important in improving the operations of a company in many ways, as depicted in the essay. Quality has to have the number one priority as it sells the name of the company. The tools necessary in problem-solving have proved to work. The use of the Pareto chart provides information that shows the progress made.

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