Oakland: A City of Diversity, But Not Unity - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-04-10


Oakland is home to nearly half a million people and is the 45th largest city in the United States (World Population Review). Whites racially dominate the city at 34% of the population, while the Asian community is the smallest at 16% of the population (World Population Review). It is also one of the most ethnically diverse cities in the United States caused by factors such as suburbanization. Amid this diversity, the city needs to have activities that bring the people together to promote unity. Creative activities are an ideal way to bring cohesion in society since they rally people behind a course that requires joint participation.

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Running Festival

One of the creative activities for the people of Oakland is having a running festival. A marathon requires people to participate in large numbers and entails other supporting activities that encourage attendance. Also, a marathon involves a significant portion of the city, thus spreads its impact to a wide area in the city. Running has several benefits to the community key among them fitness for those participating in the event (Ross). For cheerleaders, the activity would bring people together, allowing them to interact and network, thus forming bonds. Other benefits of the marathon would be providing people with the opportunity to experience the beautiful views of the city. The marathon could also serve as a great course whereby the proceeds of the event could be donated to a charity to help the needy. Running is also an all-inclusive activity that is suitable for the entire family without age restrictions. Besides the competition, the running would open up the city for both local and external tourism. Therefore, running would be an excellent way for the people of Oakland to interact and unite.

Cultural Day

Another creative activity for Oakland would be to have a cultural day for the diverse population of the community. A cultural day provides a platform for people to showcase the various aspects of their culture. This day would also serve as an opportunity for locals to explore their talents in art and expression. The multiple cultures present in Oakland include a blend in music, poetry, painting, cooking, among other activities (Berardo and Deardorff 197). This interaction would enable people to exchange ideas on various fronts, thus enriching their knowledge of each other and skills. The event would also be a learning opportunity for each other's cultural values and activities. The knowledge would enhance understanding between cultures and promote a harmonious coexistence. Similar to the running festival, a cultural day also brings people together, further enhancing cohesion. A cultural day would be an essential activity to Oakland since it encourages collective participation and celebrates the diversity of the city.


In conclusion, the population composition of Oakland demonstrates that the city is quite diverse. Such a diverse environment would require activities that bring people together and promote interaction. Therefore, a running festival and a cultural day are ideal activities for Oakland. These activities encourage the congregation and provide the people with an opportunity to interact and strengthen bonds. Additionally, such activities enhance the creative fabric of the people by pooling ideas. These activities would make a community a better place by enabling diversity to be a source of cohesion and encouraging interaction. They also open up the city for locals to explore and experience the various sceneries available. Therefore, running and cultural exhibitions would be ideal activities for Oakland to promote diversity and unity.

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