Music of Different Cultures Essay Example

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Native America Music

As history and different types of culture correlate with music development, native America music is a reflection of indigenous westerners' culture and language. Native Americans and other people differ in the magnitude of their knowledge in musical concept; people who do not verbalize music ideas they are perceived by observation music concepts. Music in North America has a close relationship to cultural activities, and the music was played in the most critical times. People from North America used much of their time in hunting, gathering, and search for food, and there was little time left for artistic recreation and leisure. Indigenous Americans played music in important ceremonies and rituals (Clark Heflin, Kluball & Kramer, 2015). For instance, it was performed in deities to be successful in hunting, increasing their wealth, and contacting the spirit. Music was also used to signify the end and beginning of the war; most significantly they asked for victory in battle.

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Most of the Native American music was vocal, which was used to express inner feeling. The vocals were also used to give stories, the specific emotional state like a wish, and also included percussion. Examples of Percussion instruments used by Native American included animal skins, bells, sharp knocking sounds, and later. Panpipes were used to express love songs alongside rim-blown vertical flutes. All their song encompassed different pentatonic scale pitches to represent a wide range of cultures.


Celts refer to Western Europe and Great Britain people who lived in the iron ages. Celts used a universal language which was also used in musical activities, and their descendants also have the same musical heritage exercised to-date. Celtic music is commonly noted because of instrumental properties which include stringed devices, drums, and bagpipes (Clark Heflin, Kluball & Kramer, 2015). Their music has a unique melody that created a jubilance atmosphere, and the feeling was made possible by wide leaps that realized song harmonies. There are several modern version of Celtic music that changes to traditional style after the introduction of bodhrans skins. Several versions of modern music basis their performance on Celtic musical heritage.

The music Erlking by Schubert is a form of Celtic music which is a form of a story about his father. Celtic music encompassed many types of musical genres that all have the same language. Some of the musical styles include folk music, Scotland music, pibroch, Celtic metal, progressive music, and Kan da diskan. Musical heritage helped other genres of music to happen; Forms of modern Celtic music include Celtic hip hop ("Exogen - CELTIC POWER / Remake, Hard, Inspiring, Celtic Hip Hop Instrumental," 2019).

Caribbean Pop Music

Several cultures thrive from the Caribbean region, and reggae is the most popular musical style in Caribbean music. Reggae is predominantly from one of the Caribbean island called Jamaica. The reggae genre combines different reggae beats (rub-a-dub) and American electronic instrumentals. The reggae beats involve playing guitar to form roots and dub to the music. The Caribbean music has a close relation to African culture and United Kingdom people from 1970s. The reggae genre in Jamaica includes musical styles like calypso, jazz, mento, and dub music. The culture has developed into a modern set of techniques like reggae fusion, dancehall music, and raga. A good example of pop Caribbean music is Stir it Up by Bob Marley while a modern genre of reggae is it wasn't me by shaggy ("Bob Marley - Stir it up," 2019).

Caribbean pop music is also related to religion; many reggae artists and fanatics believe in Rastafari as a religion. The influence of Caribbean music in the United Kingdom was brought by a mass migration of Caribbean people to England after the Second World War.


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