Movie Review Sample: Married with Children

Date:  2021-06-21 01:16:21
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Summary of the First Episode - Break Up Is So Easy to Do

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Married with Children is an American comedy show whose distribution began on 5th April 1987 when the first episode originally appeared on TV screens. This live-action comedy show was created by Ron Leavitt and Michael Moye. The syndication method of this sitcom was television. This episode was affiliated with FOX network and directed by Gerry Cohen and Mark Samwels. The episode was written by Mathew Berry and Erick Abrahams. This episode follows the lives of Al Bundy, a decorated former football player who then becomes a salesman and his loathsome wife, Peggy. Kelly and Bud are Peggy's children in this show. Other characters are their mobile neighbors, Steve and his wife, Marcy. Marcy then marries Jefferson, a criminal and Bundys sidekick. The show was canceled in season 11 as a result of decreased causation in viewership and following. This paper will dwell on the 14th episode of Season 11 of the show titled, Break up Is So Easy to do.

The episode Break up Is So Easy to do aired on FOX network on 24th February 1997 at 8 pm (EST) for about twenty-two minutes. The plot in this comedy show centers on Bundys schemes that are always foiled by bad luck and dim-wit. The aspect of conflict arises when Bud provides Kelly with an acting-wig and has to face Talrico in a boxing match. She beats Talrico hence creating a conflict between them. Also, Peggy and Al lose the Know Your Spouse Board Game against Jefferson and Marcy and Grief and his girlfriend. This makes them fight, and they break up their marriage. In the end, Al moves out of the house to settle in a nearby apartment in the airport. Furthermore, when Al forgets his romantic night with Peggy, she is so furious that she throws his out of the doghouse.

Jefferson and Marcy attempt to solve the conflict between Peggy and Al. Their marriage is strained from the boxing match and spouse game that they lost. Jefferson and Marcy recommend to the couple that they consult a marriage counselor to resolve the marriage conflict between them. This is not successful as they end up breaking up. The neighborhood celebrate by lighting fireworks while the girls go to the bar where they find themselves guys. Peggy gets a man who the children love. The context of this show on resolution can be explained by the neighborhoods cultural belief in recommending experienced characters to solve domestic conflicts (Fisher, 2016)

I think Peggy and Al are short tempered characters with low integrity. This is because they are sore losers who do not accept to be beaten fairly in sport and end up fighting and even breaking up. Moreover, I consider Marcy and the girls as fun-loving and outgoing girls with high integrity because they go out to celebrate with the neighborhood at the bar to get themselves guys for fun. High ratings of the show are credited to the production team with FOX network making this comedy a cult television show for the millions of followers and viewers.

Summary of Second Episode: Buck Can Do It Episode

Married with Children is an American comedy show whose distribution began on 5th April 1987 when the first episode premiered on FOX network. In its pilot stages, the show was transmitted in black and white. The syndication method of the show was by television. This episode was created by Ron Leavitt and Michael More. The episode titled Buck Can Do It is the fourth episode of the second season directed by Gerry Cohen. Moreover, the episode was written by Linda Day. The characters starring in this episode are Al Bundy, a former football player, his wife Peggy, and their children Kelly and Bud. Guest starring in the show is their friend Marcy and Pittman, a neighbor who threatens Als family with legal suits. Kelly is usually teased by Bud for her bleached hair and promiscuous behavior. Al owns a pup called Buck who they have had for about three years as portrayed by Peggy. This paper will dwell on the 4th episode of Season 2 of the show titled, Buck Can Do It.

Buck Can Do It aired on FOX network on 11th October 1987 at 8 pm (EST) for about twenty-three minutes under the production code 2.04. The plot of this episode revolves around Buck, Als dog. Al is unwilling to get his dog neutered despite always being threatened with legal suits by his neighbors. Bucks tendencies are a jitter to the neighbors and create conflict between Al and the neighbors. The neighbors regard Bucks nocturnal carnal activities that result in idiotic and ugly puppies as exasperating to their dogs. Al is forced to make a decision when he is under pressure from Peggy and an unusual dream about Buck turning upright.

Conflict arises when news reaches the neighborhood that their dogs are getting pregnant by Als dog Buck. When Marcy and Peggy suggest to Al to get Buck neutered, he disagrees sharply creating a conflict between them. Al is also in trouble with the Pittman when Buck impregnates poodle and even threatens Al with a lawsuit. Buck is also furious at Al for doing so little to stop him from being neutered. However, Al is so reluctant because of his dream about Buck and refuses against everyones recommendation. This brings conflict between him and the neighborhood.

A context analysis of the episode Buck Can Do It reveals that even though Buck was angry at Al Bundy to a point where a conflict ensues between them, he saves his life. Buck attempts to reconcile with Al by saving his life against violent killers who invade them with a chainsaw and hockey masks. Conflict is also resolved by doing good to reach out to a different party as in the case in this episode (Fisher, 2016). Also, Marcy and Peggy try to resolve the conflict between Al and Pittman by trying to convince him to get Bud neutered.

I think Al is a tenacious character with low integrity. Their character is portrayed by his stubbornness in getting Buck neutered to ensure that there is peace in the neighborhood. Buck is a promiscuous character with low integrity. Buck impregnates other poodles at will and is even angry when Pittman suggest he should be neutered. I also regard Marcy and Peggy as considerate characters with high integrity because they try to bring peace by talking to Al about Buck. Indeed, this show received top ratings for its live action and comedy humor in with real life events impacting positively on viewership of FOX network.


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