Movie Analysis Essay on Man of Steel

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Date:  2023-01-16


Man of steel is a superhero comic film that is directed by Zack Snyder. The film follows a story of a superhero from Krypton, who is raised by his adoptive parents in the earth after a natural birth which was uncommon in his planet of origin. The story follows the activities of Superman, Clark Kent. During the crisis in Krypton, Jor-el (Russell Crowe), the original father, sends his son to the earth to save humankind from annihilation by Zod. Through a reincarnation like an occurrence, Ken is delivered to the earth after being sent by his father. He is found by a couple that has been childless for long, and they adopt him and gives him his name, Clark Kent, unlike his original name given by his father, Kal-El. The story within the film indicates a reflection on some religious aspects that shall be discussed in this paper using various production techniques and goals to achieve the conveyance of the intended message.

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Most superhero movies are seen to contain an inbuilt imagery story that shapes that impact people differently. The story in this film is delivered in a way that convinces the audience about the importance of this superhero. However, the story leaves the audience in suspense when Kent seeks from a priest about the powers he has; one is not aware whether or not Kent shall continue with his pursue his role as the savior of humanity. The use of sound makes notable impacts on the deliverance of this story. For instance, the voice of the ghost in Clark's dreams, gives a depiction of superiority, giving the audience the feeling of fear, and shows sincerity in the dreams that Kent is having, which makes the audience take the situation seriously.

This story indicates that there is a planned destruction of the world by Zod, which Kent should stop using his superpowers. The conflict of the story is wiping out the human race by Zod. Clark is the game changer; he attempts to stop Zod using his mastery of a superman. Most characters are dynamic in this film. Perry is one of the characters who have changed in the course of the movie. She begins as a reporter who is interested in knowing the story behind Kent but later changes her mind by trying to help Kent accomplish his mission in for the world. The conversation between Clark and his father's ghost gives the audience the direction of the film as it addresses the course of actions. Lack of sound in the movie minimizes the ability of the video to get into the emotions of the viewers and makes the film sound vague, as the varying sound effects enhance this superhero movie.

The story begins to rise when Clark discovers that he has supernatural powers which call for the beginning of dreams and more profound illusions depicting his role in the world. However, lighting techniques have been utilized to bring the difference between earth and planet Krypton. In scenes acted in the earth, there is more lighting than those operated in Krypton; this shows the difference in these two worlds. Camera techniques, angles, and lighting help to enhance superiority in this movie and bring the difference in every scene. Moreover, the rhythm of the story is characterized by the continuity of the story beginning from the time Kal-El is reincarnated in the earth, and he is adopted by childless parents, to when he discovers his powers which marks the rising action. The film is sequenced into feelings of superiority, purpose, and humanity. The fall of action is characterized by the death of Zod, who is the main enemy of the world.


The message of the story is supernaturalism, which is enhanced by the use of production techniques such as lighting, camera angles, and distances. Sound also plays an essential role in delivering emotions. On a religious view, the film is viewed as a critique of the actions of Jesus as it is filled with many scenarios that are comparable to the life of Jesus.


Snyder, Z. (Jun 11, 2013). Man of Steel. Youtube Video. Uploaded by Jeremy Jahns. Available at:

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