Motorola: Quality Control Measures Improve Customer Satisfaction - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-03-10


Motorola is one of the world's larding producers of cellular devices. For some period, the organization encountered a challenge when it comes to how they handle their customers. These challenges led to a drastic decline in their sales. The leading cause was the quality of the services offered when it comes to delivering the product to the client, and this led to the dissatisfaction rate to increase. Quality control measures ensure that the organization provides services and products to clients, and they meet the essential requirements and thus necessitate the need for steps that will enable the organization to compete favorably in the market.

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What benefits was Motorola likely to achieve by instituting a standard performance measure across all divisions of the organization.

To minimize the problems that the Motorola organization faces, the chairman, Robert Galvin, assessed that proprietary performance systems in each department had a hand in the organization's incurred challenges. The establishment of a common performance measure across all divisions had several benefits. The decision to institute common performance measures came at a time of dire need, and through this, all the divisions became under one control from the headquarter from which the top management can assess and compare the performance of various divisions and ensure that clients are attended to on time and satisfactorily. Additionally, this move is aimed at ensuring that all the divisions work in harmony and towards a common objective with the parent company.

Control Philosophy Adopted by Motorola When It Assigned Frontline Workers the Task of Tracking Defects and Solving Problems

Motorola incorporated the Six Sigma methodology as a system to solve the problems the company had been facing. The Six Sigma strategy functions to ensure efficiency in the organization's performance by employing specific mechanisms and principles. The Six Sigma methodology has four phases to it which are: measurement, analysis, improvement, and control. The ultimate goal of using the principles of the Six Sigma system is to develop products and services that pose fewer defects for consumer requirements. The frontline workers were allowed to chart the problems and solve the problems in cross-functional teams. Through this customer, complaints could be attended to in time, and the satisfaction rate enhanced. To facilitate further this control process, Motorola came up with a University for furthering the education and know-how of its employees, and it provides the most effective and comprehensive training worldwide. The employees could receive a minimum of 40 hours in a year training after which certificate for completion is issued. This move was vital in the rejuvenation of the company as employees became well equipped with various quality measures from the production part to the ultimate satisfaction of the consumer.

Evidence That Motorola Made Use of the Feedforward Controls in Improving the Quality of Its Outputs

The feedforwards controls were aimed at ensuring that Motorola improves the quality of its products worldwide. Sampling inspections used as temporary means before the implementation of the permanent corrective action allowed the company to note the critical areas that needed improvement clearly. Evidently, the Micro Tac cellular telephone clearly indicates how Motorola made better use of the feedforward controls. Motorola brought it to the market two years before the competition, and this was made possible by the effective control of the development time and the design.


In conclusion, the quality control measures instituted by Motorola were critical in reducing the defect rates. The common performance measures and the assignment of essential tasks to the frontline workers also proved to be pivotal in enhancing the overall efficiency of the organization.

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