Miscommunication Causes Costly Losses to Company Reputation - Essay Sample

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From the above case, there is no proper communication as well as medium and channel, and therefore there are many costs and losses incurred by the company as a result of this problem. Miscommunication results in misunderstanding affect the company reputation and lead to ineffective communication. In this particular memo, inappropriate tone of language is used, and there is no proper use of signs and symbols. Such miscommunication is time-consuming and creates a negative perception. It also delivers the wrong information or message to the people to whom it was sent. The purpose of this essay is to point out the communication errors in the memo sent by Joanne and to highlight some of the strategies that can be applied to ensure that communication is clearly understood.

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Rhetorical Situation

Joanne Supervised the 36 group of professionals who separately works for six different cities. The main objective of Joanne is to cut the cost of the company pressuring the employee to work late instead of paying overtime expenses. The memo was supposed to inform the employees that in the event of increased work, their regular work shifts would be altered to allow them to finish up any outstanding work.

Communication Errors

In this memo, Joanne has not analyzed his audience correctly. He should first analyze his audience before writing. He has also used a lengthy sentence memo, which is difficult to read at once and may lead to misinterpretation by the audience. The other problem is that the memo has no clearly sentences. Joanne has not stated the matter clearly and in details. The memo also has excessive use of comma that makes the reading confusing. The communication channel and medium seem to be improper, as ten people did not respond.

Possible Solutions

First, one should clarify their central message. Secondly, it is vital to keep memo sentences short and straightforward (Harrington & Lewis, 2017). Thirdly, when organizing the reminder, it is critical to focus on the structure. Fourthly, editing each bit of work is fundamental for successful correspondence. If all of these strategies are applied well, one will get a positive reply from all the recipients. There also will be no confusion. The intended results of the message will be obtained, and the company objectives will be achieved.


A clear viewpoint should be offered. An individual should continuously ask themselves what they want to communicate. Expressing an opinion about a particular situation using the active voice will help clients to get the message in a better way. One ought to likewise maintain a strategic distance from extravagant expressions. There is no restriction on the measure of full stops one can utilize. Going for an average length of 15-20 words and an outright limit of 35 will make the data precise. Each sentence ought to be built to pass on one thought. If one is stressed over organizing their ideas, there are questions that can be used as valuable prompts. These include: What? When? Where? Why? How? At the point when an individual recognizes what they need to impart, and the explanation behind their correspondence, they can then spread out their center thought first and develop it in the remainder of the report.

It is anything but difficult to disregard to read a document once it is done cautiously. One ought not to commit this error. If at all conceivable, an individual can take into account some an opportunity to go after they composed their reminder, before editing it. Along these lines, they can have the option to have a get personality and select any current mistakes. While proofreading, an individual should pay attention to fluffy reflections, grammatical errors, or thoughtfully worded expressions (Constantin & Baias, 2015). The language structure, accentuation, and spelling ought to be thoroughly checked. Composing an inappropriate word can change the expected significance and influence how the information is received.


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Harrington, H. J., & Lewis, R. (2017). Closing the communication gap: an effective method for achieving the desired results. Productivity Press.

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