Meet the Twins at Pakkard Giving Back to the Community - Essay Sample

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Date:  2022-06-30


They were the twins growing up and in their adult life; they seem more of adults than before. Their networking tag on letting others gain interest and build synergies that let them elevates. What a better way than to point out the seemingly obvious fact. "We are twins." Hector and Jose Polio, aged twenty-two, in addition, could be likened to characters in their favourite manga, TekkonKinkreet. The plot base its storyline on two street urchins named Kuro and Shiro who live to fight for their town, Treasure Town against the Yakuza working to install himself. It becomes clear to see why this comic would rank so highly in the lives of these South Central bred duo. They see themselves in the story of the orphaned character. Born to El Salvadorian parents, the civil war in their homeland led to the birth of children orphaned of a culture. Additionally, the town that offered their migrating parents a shelter was not the best of neighbourhoods, the gang culture dire consequences its partakers. Like their orphaned Manga characters, each with the strength of his own, all they want to do is prop the least in their society to stand tall and firm, true to the three series manga whose title means "a concrete structure with an iron frame. " Hector and Jose are truly gearing towards being the iron skeleton structure holding together the least fortunate young artists Los Angeles to provide them with the exposure and the platform to propel them further.

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Bred in a city full of away crimes that abide at every turn, it takes courage to grow to be an inspiration. This statement is not to say it has been all a result of own efforts. Los Angeles has seen massive improvement owing a university with it and for it. Thanks to the University of Southern California, its community outreach programs have seen to it that every child gets an education, stays healthy, and that Los Angeles' art scene bustling. This is a positive the twins have tapped into marrying into a culture and using it to give back to the community. Through seeing themselves not only as residents of Los Angeles but as part of the city, they have taken to the creative space offered by the city. The low-income status of the city does not eat into their ambition. In any case, it only serves to strengthen their resolve to be a resource to others. In their own small capacity, they are adding to the efforts of a city to transform.


On a much global scene, the twins cast an illustrious lustre on immigrants. At a time when the debate and measures on how to deal with the immigrants are ranging on, the twins are a marvel of caged potential let loose. An embodiment of sustaining a society that caters for all. Los Angeles let their parents, offering their mother a job at a local laundry mat while their father took gardening. In a much similar style, the twins now work for Pakkard Studios dubbed an oblique concept shop. It is here that the two have employed their creative genius coupled with the art of being genuine and kind in the support of others in the community. This mode of operation has gone a long way to help them relate, listen, and learn from artists and fashion designers they seek to be a beacon to in their pursuit of dreams.

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