Medical Coding Career - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-05-19


One major issue that concerns the medical coding career is curiosity and to solve a problem. The career involves acquiring a lot of technical information to develop the capacity to read descriptions from doctors' work then transform it into code (PCC Institute for Health Professionals, 2016). An example of this is reading reports from patients scrubbing through the surgery process up to the time they are stitched up. Therefore, the profession requires the capacity to think logically and translate the report language into something more understandable. The problem-solving ability plays a crucial role in ensuring proper application of codes in a medical billing practice, characterized by information abstraction ranging from documentation, assigning the correct codes, and even creating claims to be settled by insurance carters.

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Another issue that relates to the medical coding profession is the capacity to adapt to new technologies. Medical technology is changing from time to time; hence the medical coders need to be updated on the latest information technologies to ensure high proficiency. The coders also need to ensure continuous education on the use of medical technologies to ensure high levels of skills and effectiveness in the health department (Compton, 2020). Moreover, the career calls for precision to avoid careless errors in running the codes to ensure successful treatment outcomes. The ability to implement and use new technologies will promote accuracy and precision for the proper medical process, such as reimbursements in healthcare delivery.

My wish is to pursue a Bachelors in Health Information Management. Having a medical coding background, I believe the degree will help me become proficient, especially in computer programs and software, to ensure effective collection and examination of data. As a result, the course will help me develop the capacity to apply information in developing programs that will strengthen healthcare infrastructure and medical systems (Ashford University, n.d.). Through this course, I can evaluate the procedures of implementing policies that promote health. My potential audience would be individuals seeking to pursue health information management and medical coding courses to understand what these careers involve and the basic principles toward becoming better professionals.


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