Maya Angelou Speech on Coretta Scott King

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Date:  2021-03-04

In her tribute, Maya Angelou provides relevant information about Mrs. King. The recollections she has are valuable in revealing to the world the type of person Mrs. King was. The tribute highlights her passion for justice and peace, her desire to see the world getting along, her devotion to her family and belief in a better future for the coming generations. Mrs. King stood for justice and peace to all people and was known to advocate peacefully for the same. Her personal life as hinted by Maya Angelou was based on the same. Mrs. King was not a person to do things for public display.

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The timeliness of the information by Maya Angelo is appropriate. When Mrs. King died, it was especially important for people to know the kind of person the world had lost. As an activist, Mrs. King was an advocate for all groups to share justice and peace (Britannica, 2014). She was not an attention-hungry individual taking advantage of the turmoil in the world to get publicity for herself (Angelou, 2008). Her actions were in the best of interest of the world that she hoped to change eventually. This information about Mrs. King was timely delivered.

Maya Angelou is a renowned poet, author, and activist. Her work has been the subject of critical acclaim and groundbreaking artistry. Her relationship with the late Coretta Scott King makes Maya Angelo a credible source for information in honor of Mrs. King. Maya Angelou and Mrs. King had similar interests especially in activism for human rights. They also shared a close personal relationship aside from working for the same cause. Subsequently, Maya Angelou is a credible source for the information related to Coretta Scott King.

Coretta Scott King was a renowned activist whose death was a dent to the civil rights movement. In her tribute, Maya Angelou made a speech that was moving and a great revelation from a close friend of Coretta Scott King. Mrs. King was an advocate of social justice and equality. In addition, Maya Angelou's speech evoked sadness from the nostalgia aroused as she recalled past interactions with Mrs. King. However, the sadness is lifted by the humor that Maya Angelou injects into the speech that serves as a bridge to connect personally with the audience. The information from Maya Angelou's speech was timely as well as relevant following the death of Mrs. King. It contributed to a greater understanding of the person Mrs. King was. As a close friend who had a personal as well as a working relationship with Mrs. King, Maya Angelou is a credible source of information about Mrs. King. The tribute to Mrs. King is a great insight into the life of a passionate advocate for civil rights, a family woman, and an incredible individual.


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