Massive Damage Inc Analysis Paper Example

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Date:  2022-09-07


Massive Damage is one of the most innovative companies in Canada. It's a firm that deals with the provision of quality gaming experiences for various platforms. Its use of modern technology has allowed it to attract several consumers in the market of Toronto. For a long period, Massive Damage has relied heavily on information technology to achieve both long-term and short-term objectives. Some of these objectives have been to offer several platforms and provision of quality graphics to improve the gaming experience of its consumers. So far, its proper management of technology has allowed it to meet most of these objectives. Effective management of technology has allowed global and local firms to become competitive in the market (Brown et al., 2012).

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Technology has also allowed most private and public organizations to make the internet an effective tool that can be used for effective communication. Massive Damage, Inc is a perfect example of a company that has employed technology to this effect, and its customers have been able to communicate effectively with each other. The internet is also being used to make several transactions with great ease, and this has allowed firms to continue gaining a competitive advantage in the market (Davis, 2010). Proper management of technology is one of the reasons why firms such as Massive Damage continues to achieve most of its goals within a specified period. This company has always been keen on the trends that occur in the field of information technology, and this has allowed it to deal with challenges that it may experience in its management. Organizations should hire experts who can enable them to identify various strategies of proper management of technology for them to achieve better performance.

Organizational Description

Organizational Structure

Massive Damage Inc is governed by led by a board of directors who are responsible for the control of its several departments. This board was responsible for initiating a campaign in 2015 that was meant to raise funds that led to the growth of the company. This campaign resulted in the launch of video games such as editions of Halcyon 6 (Massive Damage, Inc, 2018). Such games boosted the marketing strategy of the company since it gained a competitive advantage in the market (Venkatesh et al., 2012). This company has always been led by a board of governors who are able to identify the need of applying technological advancements to become a dominant force in the market. Massive Damage has been managed by an effective board since the period it was launched, and this has resulted in its significant development (Massive Damage, Inc, 2018).

Geographical Location

Massive Damage is located in Toronto, Canada. This location provides the company with quick access to modern means of technology that can be used for the expansion of the company. Toronto is one of the most developed cities in Canada and most of the businesses that are located in this region end up benefiting from this development. Most investors are able to get access to adequate capital that can be used for the expansion of their businesses (Massive Damage, Inc, 2018). The largest banks in Canada are found in Toronto, and this acts as a benefit to companies that are located in the city. Massive Damage is one of the companies that continue to benefit from its location in Toronto (Massive Damage, Inc, 2018). The population is also high in this region, and Massive Damage has managed to target this population with the quality of its service. The company has managed to target the aboriginal population in Canada, and this has contributed to its development (Massive Damage, Inc, 2018).


The major challenge facing Massive damage is an overreliance on some products. Since the launching of Halcyon 6, the firm has not succeeded in coming up with another game that attracts more customers from the market. This has acted as a challenge that has prevented the dominance of the company in the market. Massive Damage is also faced with the challenge of demand especially from its consumers (Massive Damage, Inc, 2018). Most of the products produced by this company must be updated constantly to keep up with the preferences of the consumers. As a result, other competitors tend to take advantage of this fact, and Massive Damage has been unable to attract more consumers from the Canadian market (Massive Damage, Inc, 2018).

Technological Needs that must be Addressed

One of the technological needs that must be addressed by this company is the nature of its products. Most of the games produced by Massive Damage requires the use of advanced technology which may take an extended period to produce (Massive Damage, Inc, 2018). Customers must, therefore, be aware of this fact for them to offer the company with the required space to produce more gaming products (Martin et al., 1998). This firm has focused on the production of more editions of Halcyon 6, and this has required the use of more capital (Massive Damage, Inc, 2018). Availability of capital is, therefore, a need that must be addressed for the company to be able to adopt the modern and advanced technology.

Potential Solutions

Rather than focusing on more editions of a single game such as Halcyon 6, Massive Damage should attempt to come up with new games that attract more customers. The gaming experience offered by the new games should allow customers to enjoy the products of advanced technology and in the process, the company can become dominant in the market (Massive Damage, Inc, 2018). Use of technology to attract new customers is a strategy that can be effective especially due to the location of Massive Damage Inc in Toronto.


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