Markets and The Good Life - Essay Sample

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Date:  2022-12-12


In my response companies use various ways to ensure their products reaches out to more clients. More clients for these companies means more sales, and in turn, more profits making them more competitive. However, today the market has been characterized by different unethical marketing practices simply because they focus on making profits. This is unethical because I feel companies should focus on producing quality commodities to satisfy their customer's needs. However, unlike most ofour these expectations some of these companies have failed to acknowledge the well being of their customers. One of the most popular methods used by these organizations is advertising, and companies use different ways including social media platforms, newspapers, televisions and even radio stations. Companies use these platforms to advertise even harmful products like cigarettes besides their side effects on people's health (Waide 74). People have been convinced to buy some of these products, and in some cases, like in Nestles's situation, these products have caused deaths. It is evident people should be concerned with the safety of the products they use bearing in mind some of them could be toxic. It is clear the companies do not care as long as they make money at the end of the day.

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In my response, money has also affected some of the markets by making it possible to buy some of the products that could not be purchased in the past. For instance, today people can hire friends as long on the two parties agree on the money. I believe friends should bring joy in our lives and stand with us during our difficult times. This helps us to share our problems and get people to comfort, and the idea of paying for friends does not make sense. It is clear that one would not get the company they need unless they have the cash to pay for the services. I believe human beings need compassion and love from friends and commercializing such issues eliminates the whole idea of friendships (Sandel 12). Friendships should be based on trust and interactions which gives us oversight of what some people like and what others hate. Moreover, money has also corrupted the minds of people, and this could alter the decision making of most people simply because of the self-centeredness.

In my response, a business should consider itself ethical if only it operates as per every code of ethics. In some cases, firms are claimed to be unethical because they discriminate their workers or even harasses them. A company could comply with all the code of ethics although only one act could make it's operations questionable. For instance, a company that deals with illegal weapons could meet carry out their activities ethically. However, dealing with such products is unethical, and this means they are breaking the immoral law. This is because such weapons could be used against innocent citizens to interfere with their peace.

In my response, on the issue of a good life among people, I believe people are responsible for their happiness. In order to flourish in life, it is essential for people to ensure they plan for their lives. Proper planning and putting in the efforts increase the likelihood of one succeeding and this way people are likely to lead happier lives. Perfectionism is hard to achieve as a human being since we are all prone to making mistakes improving ourselves makes it easy for us to develop in life. Their various ways we can improve ourselves and one of the most common ways is by improving our social skills. I believe people with excellent social skills can easily interact with other people and they are more likely to be happy compared to people who can hardly communicate with people. Interacting with people enables us to learn new ideas, and it also challenges us to become better people.

Work Cited

Sandel, Michael. "How Markets Crowd Out Morals." Boston Review 37 (2012): 12.

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