Maria Diaz: Unstable Employment Record & Priority Problems - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-08-28


Maria Diaz, as a client, has some priority problems relating to the current issue. These problems include; employment records, financial management, and interpersonal skills. Ms. Diaz has an unstable employment record. According to the report presented in court to be used as her defense, as a supervisor officer, I find that lack of a stable job and the need to satisfy her needs, Ms. Diaz had no choice but to commit the stated crime. Over the last year, Ms. Diaz has worked only 50% of the year. The remaining 50% she had to look for other survival ways made her opt for stealing people's identity to open the small merchant account to generate means of livelihood. Even though she did not have means of survival, she also has a $7,000 fine for the offense she pleaded guilty, to which she has not settled yet. Her motivation to start paying for the restitution is low because she has no employment record.

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The offense committed was caused by financial management problems. A year before, Ms. Diaz paid her lawyer the little amount she saved to help her settle the divorce process. Her ex-husband is not holding his end of the bargain when it comes to child support. He is nine months behind on child-support payments, and Ms. Diaz has no otherwise but to use the money she earns through forgery to pay for her 10-year-old child upkeep. She has also been residing between his sister's house and her boyfriend's house over the last few weeks. Her financial management problem has made her commit the offense she is accused of according to the case study.

Even though found guilty of forgery and stealing people's identity, the offense she committed was caused by her interpersonal skills. She came up with ways of survival out of creativity. The case study shows that Ms. Diaz has a diplomat certificate, making her have a general knowledge of techniques she carried out research and came up with the forgery business. She opened fourteen different accounts with different identities using her employer's protected database because she never intended to be caught by the police. Her skills have made her repeat a similar crime she was first accused of and placed under probation.

Ms. Diaz's long-range goal that she was striving to achieve was to build a better lifestyle for her son and herself. She intended to look for ways her 'unpredictable' boyfriend could acquire citizenship and not leave as an illegal immigrant within the country. She also expected to have her own house instead of moving back and forth between her sister and her boyfriend's house. She planned to make money through forgery so that she could undergo a job training session, get a decent job, and not do fraud for the rest of her life.

Ms. Diaz's probationer should consider the following step by step instructions to help Ms. Diaz achieve her goals. The first step is encouraging Ms. Diaz to attend the regularly scheduled meeting with them. Sessions help Ms. Diaz listen to other people's stories, and their plans after the probation period are over. The regularly scheduled meetings should last for the next nine months after the court trial. A probation officer's primary role is to ensure that an individual does not break the terms of the agreement he or she signed in court. Ms. Diaz can achieve her long-range goals without breaking the terms of the contract if the probation officer instructs her to follow strictly the supervision plan they agree on. Through the supervision plan, her probation officer will help her determine the root causes of her offenses. The officer will also help Ms. Diaz build motivation to make positive changes, such as looking for employment and legitimately earn her livelihood. Through the supervision plan, the probation officer will help Ms. Diaz develop ways of avoiding repeating the same offense. Some of the official action items to meet the listed goals include; establishing clear ground rules and shared goals with Ms. Diaz. When a probation officer instilled accountability, where he asks Ms. Diaz what she is up to by the end of each meeting, this helps the officer to understand how to help Ms. Diaz achieve her long-term goals for each problem area.

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