Many Me's Questionnaire Essay

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Date:  2022-04-04

The self-assessment Many Me's questionnaire is an excellent tool for helping an individual to discover his/her identity. In undertaking the assessment, it becomes evident one's identity is a complex factor of one's perception of himself/herself, social self, physical self, skills and abilities, and character traits. The activity offered valuable insights into my self-concepts that have allowed me to understand my personality better.

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Firstly, the most fundamental identity is my personality. I consider this essential as it reflects my values and helps other understand my temperament and behavior. By being friendly and dependable, I feel it as a good approach that not only ensures that I am trustworthy as I maintain my word but also ensure that I keep a sense of responsibility to others and myself. My personality trait of being upbeat captures my willingness to work hard or give people a chance to prove their abilities. In essence, my personality gives me the ability to remain unique, have a self-concept that is consistent, and separate from that of others.

I am strongly committed to social self-identity. In the Many Me's questionnaire, I am easy going, a good communicator, pleasant, sincere, and a team player. The identity that I portray while interacting with others is essential to me as I consider my friends and other people as necessary in leading a fulfilling life. Further, my self-identity is significant as it also allows me to remain consistent and show my friends and acquaintances how I expect them to treat me in our interactions.

I believe that as social beings, humans are greatly influenced by other people in developing their self-concept. In this case, the way others, especially close friends and family, react to me has helped me to develop my personality and social self. For instance, the upbeat element of my personality is a reflection of the confidence and support that my family extends to me. On the other hand, my social self-quality of being a team player, sincere, and pleasant can be linked to my friendships that are based on honesty and openness. Additionally, social roles and how I compare with others have all played a critical role in the development of my sense of self. Based on this, other people have a strong influence on my self-concept.

In the last five years, my self-image has changed significantly, especially from the new experiences in senior high school and university, where I have had to take more responsibility for myself. Previously, many decisions about my life were made by my family, but this has changed as I live independently, and most of the times, away from home. Further, I have made new friends and changed my social circles, and this has significantly influenced my self-image. Overall, I have gained more confidence as I get used to making choices and taking responsibility for my actions.

I have had my self-concepts challenged in the past mainly during my interactions with people as I settled in my institution of learning. For instance, meeting some people who are mean and use vulgar language nearly affected my ability to be pleasant during my interactions. Another case was when I experienced a failure in a project at home that I was undertaking, and this made me doubt my character trait of leadership.

The self-assessment exercise has revealed valuable information regarding my self-concept. It is evident that while I place high importance on my personality, I am more committed to my social self. Further, my interactions with others and experiences play a significant role in defining or influencing my self-concept.

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