Managing Nursing Care With Limited Resources: Nurses Are Essential in Healthcare Delivery - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-04-05


Managing nursing care when resources are limited is quite challenging. Healthcare requires many resources concerning the many tests, among other procedures used by different establishments in dealing with certain diseases. Consequently, it is necessary to aim at effectively using the limited resources at hand to ensure the proper delivery of patient care by avoiding misuse of medicine and effectively creating awareness (Drobny et al., 2019). Nurses are essential in healthcare delivery in various establishments. More require more services from the establishment, which further strains the resources available. Determining the methods of using limited resources chiefly where technology is minimal to improve healthcare provision will reduce various impediments that can hamper patient care in the process.

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Patient care involves various procedures performed in the hospital that include, among others, x-rays, blood tests, and consultations. Such tests may use costly equipment or require an establishment to lease them to carry out the different procedures together with the medicines associated with them. As such, patient care requires many resources to carry out the various functionalities in the delivery of healthcare due to different illnesses. The multiple patients get tests that are associated with their condition. Many people come from different situations that further require resources according to the extent of their illnesses. Such remedies, when limited, require proper use of the available ones to meet patient care in the establishment. As such, it will be imperative for nursing practitioners to utilize the available resources more efficiently. The various approaches to use the limited resources will be to decrease the number of missed appointments. Such appointments increase the waiting times and further delay healthcare delivery to patients. Most people may engage the hospital in emergencies regarding minor illnesses, which further burden the establishment. Nurses, in this case, will have to come up with the option of creating more awareness to reduce the missed appointments together with that concerning minor illnesses (Rooddehghan, Yekta, & Nasrabadi, 2018). Such an approach will eliminate waste and save the hospital resources. Moreover, individuals can use the telephone services of the hospitals and thus prevent increased consultations at the hospital hence saving on time among other resources.

There is a need to create more awareness regarding prescription medicine. Patients can abuse such drugs, mainly where they take more than the dose assigned to them. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid giving unnecessary prescriptions together with safely disposing of the medicines to save on costs and further reduce any harm to such drugs. Recycling of the drugs will further help in using the limited resources effectively in meeting the needs of the establishment. Such actions, including recycling, can take place in partnership with community workers and pharmacies, among others, which significantly reduce costs and help the hospital maximize the limited resources hence provide quality services to patients. Awareness programs in reducing wastage of prescription medicine will help me in reducing more costs as patients will have only the correctly prescribed medication without taking additional drugs to their homes after the hospital discharges them.

It is essential to adopt the approach of preventive care to individuals. Preventing various ailments helps reduce the cost of medication and is thus better than cure. I would aim at creating more awareness concerning avoiding illnesses such as heart disease, diabetes, cancers, and sexually related illnesses, which will further help reduce their incidence. Such illnesses overburden establishments, and thus preventive care helps to reduce the eventual increase in the use of limited resources. Using the limited resources in creating educational seminars, helps in providing high-quality investments, which help in reducing the high cost of healthcare (Verkek et al., 2018). Such educational programs tackle various issues related to obesity, excessive intake of alcohol, and smoking. In the process, such programs will help in reducing unhealthy lifestyles, improve, and result in the improvement of more lives, thus helping establishments in lowering costs in dealing with various illnesses like diabetes or cancers, among others. Employing such options will help reduce costs and provide more resources for necessary medical procedures in inpatient care.

The use of media is quite crucial. Using print media will further help in influencing the way individuals view issues associated with their health. The purpose of the internet, particularly social media, can help significantly in ensuring that people get information that will help them live healthily. The information through print media throughout the hospital and the community will help in educating the public on various health care issues regarding their conditions. Such educational seminars improve the knowledge the city has and thus provides them with prevention measures in the process, helping them reduce spending on health matters and save the hospital the much-needed resources (Dohrn et al., 2018). I will encourage people through print media and the website of the hospital to focus on different ways they can maintain their health through tests and consultations about the status of their health. Preventing the spread of misinformation will further me use the limited resources more effectively, especially in reducing misconceptions regarding the meetings and testing of various conditions that include cancer and sexually transmitted disease. Ensuring that the media gives the right information will further provide individuals with multiple options and even self-tests through the different symptoms they may have according to the information they acquire. In liaison with other medical professionals, I will aim to provide corrections or more weight on misinformation, together with promoting healthy living. The right information will help patients to use their time wisely, as time is a vital resource that can determine whether somebody will quickly deal with a specific condition.

Community involvement in healthcare matters is essential. It is necessary to ensure the surrounding community, which uses the establishment, is involved in healthcare matters. Many individuals do not know about healthcare concerning different illnesses, and thus providing them information becomes necessary (Solbakken, Bergdahl, Rudolfsson, & Bondas, 2018). I would focus on increasing more communitywide programs that will help in reducing emergencies and patient admissions to the hospital. There will be a reduction in unnecessary appointments and bed occupancy. Through such community-wide programs, more people will receive information that will help the establishment use its limited resources effectively.


Therefore, there is a need to focus on reducing extravagance concerning the use of prescription medicine, primary prevention, mass information, and education, together with avoiding unnecessary costs. Limited resources can help in improving the efficiency of patient care. Avoiding the focus on profit and further encouraging increased research in more technologies that are cheaper and can help the establishment use limited resources efficiently. Creating awareness and reducing misinformation will also help people to understand how to access health only when necessary and therefore save time that will help in focusing on urgent and essential matters with patient care.


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