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Internet management is a broad field that includes diverse activities and measures taken by an individual or company to control their use of the internet. Those aspects of control also range from personal to public, depending on the level of engagement one has in and with the internet. Several factors are taken into consideration when deciding the best methods to manage the internet, whether by an individual or an organisation. Those include the specific item, the browsers, time controls and customization as well as any other item that one nneeds to control. In in the ever evolving internet technology, some organizations have emerged dealing with different aspects of internet management. The study focused on some of them including their services and their effectiveness.

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The first among the focus of the research in the Internet Architecture Board (IAB). Its main functions include the establishment and maintenance of trusted communication over the internet, ensuring the security of the internet as a means of communication. Using its various bodies such as the ICANN and IETF, it strives to manage the technical organization and use of the internet as a trusted form of sending and receiving communication.


The ICANN, standing for the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers is a functionary of the IAB that deals with names and numbers management just as the name suggests. A non-profit organization, it deals with the technical maintenance of address pools and registries. Their duty in internet management includes IP addresses and domain names, which have a big role in the pinpointing of the location of servers and the management of the IP registries of the various computers that access the internet at a certain time. Through its operations, the body helps in enhancing competition and personal representation and the stability of the internet as it evolves and spreads globally.


The Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF), is a voluntary sponsored body tasked with the setting of standards of the various activities and use of the internet. Its management roles centre mainly on the Internet Protocol Suite, a model that drives communication channels through a computer internet. As such, its internet management roles are heavily centred on the transmission of information from one point to the other using the internet as the connecting factor. The standards of such transmission channels are what make up the IETFs' main task and responsibilities.


Another body that deals with internet management is the Internet Society (ISOC). The fields of expertise that the ISOC deals with include the standards access and policy features that touch on the internet in general. The organization is associated with the IETF and is responsible in the direction and evolution of the internet. Along with guaranteeing the adopting of required standards of operation of the internet as a means of communication, it is also the body that ensures the use of the internet effectively and efficiently as well as overseeing safe policy adoption on behalf of the internet community. Having been in existence since 1992, it has helped in the evolution of the internet by representing the international community in matters policy and the observation of set standards of service delivery.


The IANA, standing for the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority is an organization that deals with the management of allocated numbers and names such as the domain names and IP allocation zone, the root zone and related symbols. The duties of this organization also include the coordination of allocated IP numbers and registries including information touching on the abuse of the network. Furthermore, it coordinates and assigns the time zones as per the registry of the IP address. On top of this, it manages the databases and repositories relating to IDN practices and various domains.


The other body that is heavily engaged in the management of the internet globally is the ARIN, which stands for the American Registry for Internet Numbers. As the name suggests, the organization is involved with the management of the distribution of the IP address bases. It also plays a role in the distribution of Autonomous System numbers in the U.S and the Caribbean's. The organization provides numbers behind IP addresses and keep a registry of them in case they are needed for access, therefore making the location of such addresses possible. Other minor duties played by the organization are the renovation and development of internet infrastructure and education of the users regarding various application methods, not forgetting various policy formulation contribution including cybercrime prevention that it does for the sake of the internet continuity and development.


APNIC stands for the Asia Pacific Regional Internet Registry. Like the ARIN, this organization manages the distribution of the internet number resources in the Asia Pacific region, representing the communities' interests in the global internet circles. Along with maintaining the public database, it offers training and technical skills to the community in regards to the use and evolution of the internet.


LACNIC, standing for the Latin America and Caribbean Network Information manages the registries for regional internet connectivity in the Latin America and Caribbean regions. Their management tasks and duties are similar to that of the APNIC and ARIN in that they centre on the distribution of internet numbers on a regional scale and promote the formulation of policy and protocols for execution over the various internet channels available today.


The Reseaux IP Europeens (RIPE), is the European version of the LACNIC and APNIC, managing the coordination of the internet network in their region. Their management role falls within the policy requirements design and enforcement aimed at providing a more standardized, dependable and transparent internet use. Though it does not set the standards, it provides the administrative and necessary technical coordination to ensure the continuity of internet development. They also manage domain names and network operations necessary for the smooth running of the internet.


Verisign is a commercial organization that deals with the management of domain names on the internet across the world, distributing and keeping registries of domains including .com, .net and other generic custom names. The company sells itself as the top domain host and registration site, where clients can easily purchase secure and customized domain names.

NameCheap and GoDaddyNameCheap is another organization that deals with the registration of and management of domains for third parties. It sells itself as one of the cheapest accredited domain name hosting company available and works with the ICANN to ensure that the required standards are attained in working over the internet. The GoDaddy platform is another similar organization, which presents itself as the largest and reliable domain hosting company due to its ease of use and low hosting prices across the globe. Both of these along with the Verisign organizations play the role of domain name managers working with other bodies such as the ICANN to promote the adoption and progress of internet technology across the globe.


In conclusion, we can term internet management as an ongoing and broad development process. The growing recognition of the internet as a vital piece of technology driving economic and social growth across the globe necessitates the management of the various aspects of its growth and development. The development of organizations to manage those aspects is crucial in the continuity of the technology to the next generation to ensure responsible and purpose-driven uses of this essential 21st-century technology.

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