Love and Romance: The Right Chemistry Essay

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Date:  2022-07-26

The right chemistry always leads to a perfect love between two people. This idea about love and romance was presented in the article the right chemistry by Anastacia Toufexis. The author argued that for love to occur there must be a perfect connection between two individuals (Toufexis, & Bloch 1993). According to the article, love rests entirely on the foundation of biology, chemistry, and evolution.

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Over 4 million years ago, the notion of romantic love began to develop in the early years of the human species. During, these early years, it is believed that there were first cascades of neurochemicals that started to flow from the brain of the human beings to the bloodstreams. These neurochemicals enabled human beings to produce goofy grins as well as sweaty palms whenever men and women stared into deeply into others eye. After man had graduated from walking on four feet and began using the two-leg, the sexual organs were in full display (Botwin 2014). According to the author, as the sparks flew new ways of making love was developed hence sex became a romantic encounter and not only a reproductive act. An example that has been presented as a way of making love is mounting mates from behind. This method is common, and it is still evident in animals. In the case of human beings, face to face coupling is the common way of making love. Both looks and as well as the personal attraction are considered in this kind of relationship.

The romance was the main issues which served the purpose of bringing men and women into long-term relationships. The author further states that relationship was essential in child rearing. The western culture clings to the fact that true love stays forever. Many lovers claim that they always feel like they are being swept away by the feeling of love (PARKER-POPE 2010). The research suggests that they are not mistaken in the sense that they are flooded with the chemicals that make them feel that way. When the eyes of individuals meet, the touch of hands or smell of scents will set a flood that begins in the brain which runs along the nerves through the blood. The author argues that some of the results that can be obtained are the sweaty palms, flushed skins, and heavy breathing. Some of the chemicals that are involved in the issue of love between a man and a woman is dopamine norepinephrine and phenylethylamine. There are some arguments which claim that passionate, romantic love is short lived because the phenylethylamine highs do not stay for a long time. The other chemical that has been related to love is oxytocin which is produced in the brain. These chemicals sensitize the nerves resulting in the contraction of the muscles.


Concluding, love rest solemnly on the foundations of biology, chemistry, and biology. The author's states that love began over 4 million ago in Africa as a human being relied on their four limbs to walk. As time went, love and romance were used for children rearing. In animals, they mounted each other from the rear during the process of mating. The chemical aspect of love process is that it various chemicals are involved in the process. Some of the common chemicals that generated when individuals are in love include oxytocin and dopamine norepinephrine.


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