Literature Review on Abu Dhabi

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Date:  2021-03-23

Source 1: From ZU library

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Al, A. I. (2001). United Arab Emirates: A new perspective. London: Trident Press.

Summary: The Abu Dhabi social development plan 2021 is a reflection of the legacy of Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan; which was a strategic blueprint designed at guiding the development and growth of Abu Dhabi in achieving a confident and secure region.

Evaluation: This article is a peer-reviewed basing on the United Arab Emirates but also focuses on Abu Dhabi, majorly. The source is reliable as thorough study was done by the authors.

My notes: The article strategically evaluates the need for social development in Abu Dhabi. The details presented in the article give me the basic idea that was mandated before the plan was put into proposition. This information is paramount, as it is basic that I first understand the basis of the social development plan for 2021.

Source 2: From ZU library

Dempsey, M. C. (2014). Castles in the sand: A city planner in Abu Dhabi.

Summary: The Abu Dhabi social development plan for 2021 describes the future of Abu Dhabi through a complementary and yet a holistic perspective, commencing with the society and the people who have always been there, and will still be there as the city's bedrock.

Evaluation: This is a scholarly article. Since it has been written by experts and actually reviewed by other experts, has great quality. On that note, it is a very credible source.

My notes: The article is relevant to my research as it enlightens and also describes the details that the Abu Dhabi social development plan entails, in facts and figures. The information presented in the article is particularly useful as it focuses on what is important.

Source 3: From ZU library

International Conference on Sustainable Development and Planning, Brebbia, C. A., & Beriatos, E. (2011). Sustainable development and planning V.

Summary: The plan basically addresses issues that regard to urban development that includes both built assets and the natural ones.

Evaluation: The article is a referred journal. The information is very credible and accurate owing to the fact that it was researched and presented at n international conference.

My notes: This journal also equips me with the required knowledge on understanding the details about the social development plan for Abu Dhabi, 2021. Abu Dhabi is a region that is need of major social development reforms, owing to the fact that it is a region that is growing rapidly and more foreigners are visiting the region. With social development, Abu Dhabi will be one of the top regions in the world with higher social values and developments.

Source 4: From ZU library

Kakabadse, P. A., Omar, A. M., Abouchakra, R., & Jawad, A. (2011). Leading Smart Transformation: A Roadmap for World Class Government. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan.

Summary: The economy is the development engine for Abu Dhabi and so the Abu Dhabi social development plan 2021 majorly focuses on the state of the economy. The economy is also very important as it acts as fuel that marches forwards towards the social development plan. Evaluation: This is also a peer-reviewed article. It is very enlightening and reliable with accurate information. This is basing on the fact that the work has been reviewed by more than one scholar who determines the content and its quality.

My notes: This article is also relevant to my research as it has the information about the social development plan 2021 of Abu Dhabi and what is required for the region to accomplish its target plan. Additionally, it has been very useful as it contains information about the relationship between the economic strategy and the social one.

Source 5: From ZU library

Salustiano del Campo ,Tomoko Hamada ,Giancarlo Barbiroli, Saskia Sassen, Eleonora Barbieri-Masini, Paul Nchoji Nkwi, Owen Sichone, Abubakar Momoh. (2010). Sociasl and Economic Development.

Summary: The plan also looks at the residence living experiences as well as for those that are visiting as a result on how the interact with the environment and the social and economic services that are being provided.

Evaluation: This is a credible scholarly source as many other researchers use it to reference their work. It also has important details and information that are relevant to the Abu Dhabi social development plan 2021.

My notes: This particular study will greatly help me in my study because it enlightens me on the specific aspects of the social development plan. It has also showed me that the social plan is not only for the good of the residence of Abu Dhabi,but also the other people as well, who are foreigners.

Source 6: From ZU library

Sillitoe, P. (2014). Sustainable development: An appraisal from the Gulf Region.

Summary: The plan addresses inscribes the government as the city's development custodian in all the aspects. This is expected to be achieved by ensuring that there is a balance in the social approach, as well as the regional approach in the development of the economy that is aimed at benefiting everyone.

Evaluation: This source is very credible as even other researches can refer from it. It has detailed information in regard to the requirement and the need for sustainable development, which includes social development.

My notes: The research from the book is very illuminating as it discusses the issues that the plan addresses in attaining sustainable development. According to the source, sustainable development can come along if there has been development in the economy, as well as social development.

Source 7: From ZU library

Steffen Wippel, Katrin Bromber, Birgit Krawietz. (2016). Under Construction: Logics of Urbanism in the Gulf Region.

Summary: The social development plan 2021 covers sectors such as housing, public health, education, contractual remuneration, Islamic affairs, emiratisation, media, sports, culture and heritage.

Evaluation: The source is a scholarly article and owing to that fact, it contains relevant and reliable information. Other researchers and scholars also use it to refer in regard to their study.

My notes: I have been able to gain notifying knowledge from this particular source. The progression of the social development has been critically analyzed. This proves that the social development plan 2021 in underway and the implementation of the plan is ongoing. In addition to that, I was able to note the areas that are in dire need of the social development. With that underway, the vision 2021 will be accomplished, effectively.

Source 8: From ZU library

Report: Abu Dhabi 2014. (2014). Place of publication not identified: Oxford Business Group.

Summary: This study presented the progress of the social development plan that has been on progress since 2012.

Evaluation: The source is a report of Abu Dhabi. It is a very reliable source as it reports the study and findings of the region.

My notes: Basing on this report, I have been able to get thorough knowledge on the current progress of the social development plan, towards attaining the 2021 vision of Abu Dhabi. In addition to that, the source has also made me more equipped with knowledge basing on the initiatives that the plan has taken. The limitations that are being faced so far are also discussed in the repo and this is very beneficial on my part.

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