Leading With Values Essay Example

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Date:  2022-11-20

There are several key initiatives that Theresa and Mike can use to build a culture driven by values defined by integrity. One way is to make an impact by creating a sense of influence such that they find ways to remind people of the way they are supposed to go and create change in the whole world. The company needs to operate in a culture of strong moral principles and utmost honesty to ensure cohesion and togetherness. The two need to make sure they embody their values according to the culture because core values are the soul of the organization.

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The development of values starts by learning a sense of right and wrong which helps to indicate the extent of how deeply imprinted these values are and their existence. The modeling period shows the factors and forces acting on either side to influence an individual. The last stage is the principled period where the individual sticks with the values through every circumstance (Carlson 2015). Ethical theories that underpin organizational rules include utilitarianism, practical ethics, and deontology among others where the company chooses the best one according to the culture and goals.

Some specific decision-making processes include identifying the ultimate goal of the firm and then keeping an eye on it. It is to mean that every operation conducted by the business needs to lead to the target. It is then essential to gather information that will help weigh options and also consider the consequences. One can then make a decision and evaluate it by evaluating all alternatives and selecting the best. The process needs to be step-wise as it will help you make more deliberate and thoughtful decisions. The use of decision-making skills helps one to be useful during the entire process.

Processes that help achieve a value-driven culture in the organization are by celebrating the mission and values which help them to keep in touch. These activities may be such as having guest lectures, team-building exercises, and fun competitions. The leaders need to use the values to help guide the day-to-day decisions by tying these values to the individual goals of the employees (Nygaard et al. 2017). In generating profit for the organization, leaders must know that they should put their money and time where their mouth is which means that actions should go hand in hand with promises. Transforming the values of employees into corporate values is also another process.

The key behaviors that Theresa and Mike can use to embed the desired culture are to create a respectful workplace where employees work together and treat others with the same level of respect as they want to be treated with even if they have different personal values. Theresa and Mike can also consider enlisting, empowering, and encouraging the culture they desire so that they get people aligned in that they mindfully shape the thoughts and beliefs of these individuals around their vision. Their role in leading the initiatives is to make sure that lead the way for others to follow.


The actions that are important to communicate and establish alignment across the merged organization include thorough evaluation to make sure that decisions being made are in line with the culture the aim and promote. Theresa and Mike should also implement any crucial decisions and create a plan for the continuity of the business as long as it exists.


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