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Demands at the IT department in requesting for reports need for efficient software for collecting data as well as storage of information have grown exceedingly. Therefore a new approach must thereby be put in place to ensure a smooth flow of activities without hiccups. Findings from the IT department show that there is a need to develop a KM department to help in reducing the overloading at the department as well as assist in basic KM processes for the organization. Therefore we are pleased to advertise a vacancy for the position of the KM manager to act on future trends in the field which will help GDD to keep its competitive edge with the customers. Also, below are some of the functions and the requirements that the intended candidate must possess to fit in the advertised position; all qualified persons are advised to apply.

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Functions of KM in an Organization

The function and contribution of KM in an organization for running an effective and sustainable contemporary business environment includes;

  • Intermediation: Brokering or transfer knowledge between the appropriate knowledge provider and knowledge seeker within the organization. The candidate should intermediate between the knowledge seekers with an optimal knowledge source for the intended seeker to ensure transfer of more information within the organization.
  • Externalization: involves the transfer of knowledge from the holders' minds into an external repository through the most efficient way possible. Externalization helps in providing an adequate platform for the sharing of experience primarily in the existence of Business Intelligence in the organization. KM tools make it possible to track the large quantity of data about the potential problems that may lead to failure of the IT programs.
  • Internalization: refers to the knowledge extraction from the external repository sources for adverse filtering to provide mild relevance to the knowledge seeker. The collected knowledge need to be presented to all members within the organization in a more comprehensive and suitable form. This function includes interpretation and reformatting all the knowledge presentation within the organization's setup. However, to implement the function, the manager must build yellow pages for mapping and categorizing work experience which is pertinent for the organization. Similarly, this will also include documentation of best practices to reduce overloading within the company.
  • Cognition: this refers to the function of the IT systems to create decisions based on the available knowledge. The managers will ensure that the application of education has been exchanged through the explicit preceding from other closely related departments.

Job Tasks for the KM Managers

The KM manager is mandated for the following tasks:

  • Mapping, finding, gathering, as well as filtering information before it is spread to other parts of the organization. The candidate should portray such prowess upon delegation of duty.
  • Identifying and developing new relations and knowledge for sharing information with the organization within the proposed time.
  • Converting all the personal knowledge in IT department into shared knowledge resources for the benefit of the organization.
  • Understanding and learning the process of filtering GDD in the IT department
  • Adding value to information for explicit knowledge creation.
  • Enabling all the actions in the GDD and It department through knowledge of performance and management
  • Processing and delivering all the shared knowledge resources within the organization.
  • Building adequate technical infrastructures for the IT management process especially in the overloaded areas.

KM Manager Skills

Present Skills

  • Good communication ability. The preferred manager should portray command of communications skills at all levels of his or her operations. He or she must have good power for the company's language.
  • Good Organization. The manager must portray explicit organization ability.
  • Team Building. Ability to create a cohesive environment for other members within the company.
  • Leadership. Must portray high levels of leadership skills.
  • Ability to Deal with Effective Changes and transitions within the organization.
  • Domain Knowledge in IT processes and use.
  • Multi-tasking. The KM manager should be able to oversee all the IT processes, in mind the prioritizing multiple projects of the company.

Future Skills

Problem-solving and Decision-making. Must display adequate ability in decision making. Preferably experience from the department is an added advantage...

Business Development Skills

  • Motivation. Ability to establish a trusting relationship with other employees so through sharing information and knowledge for the success of the company.
  • Commercial awareness. Must know all about the competitors of the company.
  • Mentoring. Ability to mentor others for the smooth running of the company as well as other departments.
  • You are planning with mild strategic thinking. He or she must have a broader scope of viewing the plans for the success of the company as well as other related departments.

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