Job Analysis and Job Description of Assistant Manager Paper Example

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Date:  2022-06-27

Job Analysis/Job Description

As the assistant manager of Taco Bueno, Rebeccas' position within the store is overall general management with the special task of management, supervision, and overseeing employee customer service. In a broad-spectrum as the assistant manager, the position requires one to act in the role of a manager or during a manager's absence. The assistant manager's role within Taco Bueno is to resolve customer issues and at times serve and listen to the customers. At the same time, the position in the store requires supervision of the working environment to ensure the store is in good working condition, noting any areas that need changes, improvement and day-to-day maintenances.

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On the other hand, as a member of the team Crew, the position demands direct customer service at the window or within the store's premises. The position requires a fast-moving and energetic individual ready to keep up with a quick pace to serving customers. Due to a large number of customers awaiting service, the position requires one with a lively attitude, stamina, and an outgoing personality. At the same time, the position requires one to continually check on the foods under preparation, fast foods, and available menus for customers. According to McAdams et al., (2015) and Vettori (2016), the position of assistant manager may be demanding and generally involving especially in the absence of the manager. It also includes working with other crew members to have everything in order in the kitchen for customer service.

Data collection method for the above positions involved a one on one basis in which the two persons were engaged directly, and the author worked for hand in hand with them all through their duties and responsibilities within a days' work. From the job analysis of the two positions, it can be drawn out as one position that involves both customer service and general management.

Job Description

The assistant manager will undertake the responsibility of supervising and training of employees on a day to day duties and responsibilities of their assigned areas of work. At the same time, the assistant manager will have the task of standing in for the manager in case of the manager's absence. Tasked with ensuring that customer service is excellent, the assistant manager will provide that customer service delivery is excellent. The individual occupying the position will also have direct interaction with the customers with the primary objective of resolving disputes, complaints, and addressing their concerns. At the same time, the assistant manager will be tasked with the duty ad role of ensuring that the store complies with federal and state store policies in addition to work ethics as drawn in the company mission and vision statement. The position of an assistant manager requires one with a graduate degree in addition to a few years' experience in a busy store. An added advantage of sales qualification, and catering services would be equally good for the position at the store.

According to McAdams et al., (2015), leadership within any organization or company is described and outlined in the human resource guidelines and are prescribed by both state and federal employment guidelines. Firstly, the job description above is in line with state and federal regulations of the National Labour Relations Act and Federal Employment and Labor Laws that outlines and guides employers on employee recruitment and enumerations. According to Dau-Schmidt, Finkin and Covington, (2016), the employment Acts as outlined in both Federal Laws and State Laws of Ohio guide and provide for employment outlines, guidelines, remuneration, and general specifications of the requirements of employment such as age and qualification.


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