Internal Business Planning: Company Description

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Luxshire Technologies Inc. is an information technology company that was founded by Duncan Miles. Luxshire Company specializes in providing fully insured professional design, development, repair, and sale of computer software products, consumer electronics, and online services. This implies that the company offers professional and effective IT products and services such as smartphones, tablet computers, personal computers, smartwatch, homemade smart speakers, browsing, iTunes Store and digital media player among others to individuals within the classification of young and working. In this case, Luxshire handles a variety of consumer-based IT services for the young generation. Luxshire's primary goal is to provide customer satisfaction. This will be vital in facilitating company awareness in the surrounding community in which it operates. Additionally, customer satisfaction plays an integral role when it comes to word of mouth promotion of a business. Accordingly, the company hopes to become a household name in the future as a consequence of its focus on customer satisfaction. The company thus aims at providing its services in a manner that makes customers feel at ease. This will be essential for Luxshire securing business opportunities with customers in the future.

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The legal structure of Luxshire is in the form of a sole proprietorship. Given its small size, there will be no need for incorporation of the company since most of the liabilities attributed to the company are addressed by the insurance cover obtained by the company. Initially, Duncan Miles, who is the bona fide owner of the company, will be the one in charge of facilitating the critical activities of the company including scheduling, inventory, payroll, and customer care management. However, given the expected rapid growth and expansion of Luxshire in the first 12 months of its operation, Duncan will hire an estimated number of 12 employees to help him run the company.

As the business expands, there will be a need to rent office space in a separate location which will encompass of a small office space where customers would better reach out to the company for the supply of software goods and online services such as well browsing. Also, such office space will be useful in enabling the organization to exude a sense of professionalism, thereby building confidence in potential customers. To foster the functionality of the business, the office will be fitted with a computer system, landline phones, a few pieces of furniture (chairs and desks), fax machine, printer, cell phone services, and storage space. Such fixtures and fittings are part of the long-term Information Technology (IT) infrastructure and operational program initiated by Duncan to help in the smooth functioning of the internal and external business environment.

Mission Statement

Luxshire recognizes the need to stay focused on its business and for this reason the company has developed a mission statement to achieve this focus. Accordingly, the mission statement adopted by Luxshire to provide it with company direction is: "To offer clients with comprehensive computer software and online services for residences in an environmental friendly professional and trustworthy manner. Luxshire will attract and maintain clients. The services will be more than what our customers expect".

The rationale for developing the above mission statement is to provide customers with a guarantee of Luxshire's commitment to meet their IT and in a manner that is not only professional but trustworthy as well. Further, the rationale for this mission statement is to ensure that customers' needs as it relates to IT are met far beyond their expectation. The significance of this is enhanced customer trust in Luxshire which will foster the success of the company.

Need for Clear Code of Ethics for Professional Practice

While sole proprietorship organizations usually require fewer guiding policies and standards, larger organizations with virtually more significant managements use the professional code of ethics as guidelines to manage employee conduct (Nieweler, 2016). For an IT company such as Luxshire Technologies Inc., if at all it has to achieve its objectives, must live up to the required Code of professional practice and standards to help govern the conduct of its employees (ResourceLibrary, 2014). Ideally, a clear Code of ethics is suitable for an organization because it acts as a motivating statement concerning the existence of the business (Fedotov, 2013).

Nevertheless, the Code will be meaningless if it is not known and followed by the target individuals, in this regard, the Code should address the consequences that come along with its violation in a written brochure or report and make public (Nieweler, 2016). For this reason, employees will find it convenient to frequently read and remind them of the required professional ethical behavior which should become part of the company's culture (Lere, 2002).

Therefore, just like many other leading companies in the IT industry such as Apple, a clear code of professional practice aimed at protecting the company's technology and ensures information remains proprietary is required for Luxshire. More significant is a closed door-kind of a policy that will not only cover employees' behavior but also protect its clients from potential hackers to its information will perhaps help create and retain the company image for the unforeseeable future (ACC, 2016). For this reason, the following are the critical areas in the company's business that will require such an elaborate code of professional practice;

Accounting department- this is the most critical area in an organization where essential company information concerning the preparation of financial statements, keeping and maintaining financial records such as the general ledger and control accounts is done (ACC, 2018). Given the potentiality of data and the magnitude of information that needs protection, a clear code of professional practice is highly required for the accounting section (Bragg, 2018).

Human Resource (HR) department-this is another potential area in organizational structures that require strict adherence to the code of professional practice at all times. This is so because the HR department is mandated with the responsibility of overseeing various aspects of employee well-being such as hiring, payroll, firing, benefits, and layoffs; duties that call for high standards of ethics and code of professionalism devoid of bias (ACC, 2018).

Sales department - the sales section of the organizational structure is a crucial department that calls for the high code of professional practice from employees. This is where employees communicate face-to-face with customers who visit the premises to seek services (ACC, 2016). Therefore, professional training is essential when, for instance, a customer asks to be granted credit for goods and services offered (Israel, 2018).

Marketing department - the success of most business enterprises is pegged on not only the marketing strategy it adopts but also on the kind of people placed in those departments to perform marketing tasks. For this reason, marketers for Luxshire ought to possess the required code of professional practice when carrying out their promotional and marketing responsibilities at all times to woo more customers for the company (Bhasin, 2018).

Code of Conduct and Professional Practice for Luxshire Technologies Inc

Inclusivity - As Luxshire, the company welcomes and supports all people from across the racial and political divide including but not limited to ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, social, educational culture, size, age and rational and religious beliefs. Discrimination at our workplace does not have room for survival.

Be respectful - In as much as we will not agree on all matters; disagreement should not be taken as an excuse for the demeaning character. You are not the only one who will experience frustrations either; we will go through that altogether. Therefore, we will not allow those frustrations to escalate into personal attacks on colleagues. We must create an environment where everyone feels comfortable without fear.

Be considerate - As Luxshire, and we rely on each other in producing the best out of our hard work. Just try to be kind to everyone around you. Your actions will positively or negatively affect your colleagues and our clients. Be ready to take consequences of your actions when making decisions. Nobody will be held liable for your wrongful choices.

Avoid Harassment - When there is a disagreement, learn to ask why, and when asked to stop doing something, stay for the greater good for differences and different opinions are inevitable. Importantly, we constructively resolve our disputes and conflicts amicably.

Be choosy with your words - We do not tolerate unprofessional conduct. Act decently and with dignity. Tone down your voice when in disagreement with colleagues. Discriminatory behavior and derogatory language are forbidden. Hurling insults, unbecoming sexually explicit actions and sharing of injurious materials via phones is highly prohibited. A little courtesy when addressing your colleagues is enough. Use of threats to intimidate and cause violence to others is unprofessional and ill-found. Acts of putting down your colleagues when they voice their opinions are uncouth and will be deemed demeaning.

Transform your differences into strengths - Different people may give different opinions on specific subject matters. Make sure you look for valuable solutions to the problems at hand. Disagreeing with one's views does not imply they are wrong. Never forget that everyone makes mistakes. The blame game does not solve errors. There is strength in diversity...

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