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Question 2: Types of taxation in Austria

The government of Austria has well-elaborated jurisdiction of to the tax residents on some of the income which is derived from the worldwide sources and that which is derived from nonresidents of the country. The Austria legislation's known for very s specific rules which relate to the residency. These specific rules are used to determine whether an individual or given company is considered a resident for tax purposes. The country also has a system which is used to determine whether the realized income amount has been sourced in the country or any other country. In most cases, however, income will majorly bury in the place of employment or could be found in some other fixed placed which are left explicitly for the business. Some of the possible categories of taxes in the country include; taxes on income, taxes on the capital gain, taxation on individual and business entities, consumption taxes and otherwise befits taxes (Sharkey, 2015).

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Tab one: the tax code As explained by Dixon, & Nassios (2016), the Austrai tax law is created by statute. In light of this, its key sources mail lies in the legislation. The legislation n is normally theca of parliament. The cases are normally decided upon by the tribune courts. Sometimes the tax ruling is done by the commoners of taxation.

In the country, section 5 of its constitution grants the commonwealth the power to impose taxes. Also, it gives its member states the power to impose laws which are about the collection of and the administration of the taxes. The constitution of the country distribute the taxing rights of the income tax. The income tax in the country is imposed by the federal government. It is imposed on the taxable income of individual and corporation

Tab Two: Guideline and interpretation

One of the components of the income tax into the country is the existence of the personal income tax. This kind of tax is considered to be a progressive tax. They comprise of the tax rate as for the individual's taxpayers who are normally differentiated from the nonresident tax pays. Currently, in the country, the tax-free amount is stated at $18,200. The marginal rate of personal income tax is recorded at 45% to the highest side. Apart from this subjections, the majority of the Australians are subjected to Medicare levy. The levy has a standard rate of 2% of the taxable income (Sad, 2014).

Tab three: Computation of the income tax in Austria

In Austria, the concept of income tax is normally received from both salaries and wages. It, in most cases, results in refunds which are considered payable to the taxpayers. For the computation to begin, an employee must be able to quote to his or her employer their tax file number. Through this pin, an employer is, therefore, able to withhold their tax from their pay. Significantly the potential tax payers are normally subjected to a withholding tax rate of 47%. Consequently, banks in the region are also required by the law to withhold the biggest marginal rate of both the income tax and income tax charged on the interest which has been earned in one's bank's accounts. However, this is only possible if the person fails to provide them with the TFN. The corporates and business entities are required by the law to give out their TFN to their respective financial outlet like a bank. Failure to provide this kind of pin; the bank will have no option but to withhold their income tax at the biggest rate of the tax (Mellor, 2016).

The following table shows the tax computation of income tax rate for the residents. The rate h were revised for the financial year 2017-2018.

Taxable income in Australia ($) Tax on this particular income The current effective tax rate

1-18,200 Nil 0%

18,201-37,00 This will be calculated as the 9C for each$1 over 18,200 0-9.65

37,001-87,000 3,572 plus the 32.5c which is for each 1 over 37,000 9.65-22.78

87,001-180,000 This will go for 19,822 plus the 37c which is a charge for each $1 over 87,000 22.78-30.13

180,001 and above 54,232 together with $1 each over 180,000 30.13- to animate less than 45%

Tab four: a group of taxpayers who should pay income tax

Income tax in the country is paid by Austria residents, foreign residents and those whose residency has changed during the year. For the Austria residents, one must be able to declare all his or her income which has been earned anywhere in the world for the foreign residents who are working in the country one is requited to declare their tax income and employment income rental income and the capital gains on the Austria assets. In the country, there is as a segment for the income for minors. These are individuals who are below eighteen years of age. They are taxed differently from adults (King, 2016).

Tab five: income tax report

The major companies on income tax in the country include; income from salary. His particular component comprises of salary, leave encasements and allowances. The second company is the income which is gotten from the house property. It comprises of income firm one house. This house could be self-occupied, vacant or could be rented. The third comp net is the income which is received from the capital gains. This majorly comprises of the income from the sale of the capital assets. The fourth component is the income which is derived from business and profession. This component comprises of the income or the loss that is seen to be as rising from carrying on particular business or profession. Finally, it could also comprise of income which is gotten from other sources. This will be counted as the residual head, income which has been derived from a bank account and income which could be received from fixed deposits and the family pension. (Harris, 2015).

Tab six: sample of an income tax report seven: other related information

One of the issues which are equally significant in the country's tax system is the Medicare levy. The Levey was introduced in the country in the year 1984. Ever since its introduction into the country, the Medicare levy rate has been showing steady increment in the country. The current rate is set at 2.0%. However, this rate is expected to increase from next year to a rate of 2.5%. Ingle country, income tax is collected using withholding tax system which is known as pay as you go (PAYG). This is for the individual who is only having one job (Edmonds Holle & Haryanvi, 2015).


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