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Date:  2023-03-17


The analysis of the cultural intelligence report shows that, there is a positive change in my overall T2 scores when compared to my T1 scores. The changes have been brought by my interaction with people from other cultures. The various categories of the test indicate that I have improved all round even though there is still room for improvement, as seen in the break-down of the results. The most significant change can be seen in the CQ knowledge category as I have interacted with more people from different cultures; I have found the opportunity to understand them more. I can tell speak and understand some of the phrases in other languages. I already know what the different people around me believe me and learned to try and avoid rubbing people the wrong way.

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My CQ drive comes in second as the most significant change, and this is only natural. As I gain more understanding of other cultures, I start to enjoy them. Every culture has something one can learn from. I scored highest in my extrinsic interest as I try to incorporate and take advantage of the new information that I gather from different cultures. Learning a new language can help one make new friends that would have been hard to make if you did not connect with them through their language or culture. Enjoying these cultures only comes because I am confident of myself among a culturally diverse crowd. The confidence ensures that I utilize the different cultures fully as they were supposed to be enjoyed.

My CQ strategy was high, and I took it to a new level in the T2 test. I was already culturally aware, and that awareness has only increased to the highest level. I can dress and mentally prepare myself for the various cultural encounters that I am planning to encounter. As I scored well on the CQ knowledge, I am very aware of what is expected of me in different cultural scenarios, and I can plan accordingly. The planning can involve the dress code, how to carry myself around, and what is expected of me in different circumstances. The awareness of other's needs and social cues is another area I am reasonably good at. The T2 awareness can do with some improving. I am also reasonably good at checking myself not unintentionally to insult someone with my tone or joke and to keep a check on how to adjust myself when things do not go as expected.

The T2 CQ action is another area that I have improved. Different cultures have their ways about how people interact with each other. The tone and how to refer to people, for example, the elderly and those holding positions of power, differ in different cultures. The verbal and non-verbal cues are areas that I have significantly been flexible in. It is not easy, but with the knowledge, I am well aware of how I am to address different people. I am also mindful of the tone to use when interacting with different people. Different gestures may mean different things in different cultures, and I have been able to flexible in that area, too, as shown in my T2 CQ Action results.

As I continue to gain more knowledge of other cultures, I have faced some challenges: one being forgetting or confusing aspects of one culture with another culture. I sometimes use the elements of one culture in another culture, and it can be embarrassing. This challenge has not changed from T1. Also, when in situations that I have no previous knowledge of as I had not encountered them. The new encounters can lead to misunderstandings when we are having a social gathering. The new encounters are usually brought about when I encounter someone with a new culture. When I meet them, I have to start the process of learning about them and their culture and incorporate them into my routines as I try to understand them.

The world is becoming a village as technology brings people closer to each other. This means I have the advantage of being culturally aware as compared to those that are not. Today companies are venturing to new markets globally, and they get to meet people of different cultures. The CQ scores help me to be equipped to blend in seamlessly in different cultures without too much hustle. I can be a valuable asset in the human resource department as I am culturally aware. I can help multinationals create good relations with the locals of the region that they want to operate in.

My most robust value in T1 was CQ strategy, while my strongest in T2 is CQ knowledge, which is different from the one in T1. I was good at planning, checking, and reasonably good at being aware of different cultures in T1. Still, I realized I needed to educate myself about the different cultures so I can improve the other areas. For me to change the other area, I had to find out the various aspects of the cultures I was interacting with. This has led to an improvement in other areas, too, as I am more knowledgeable. CQ strategy works better when I understand the cultures better, knowing why they do something in a certain way and understanding the repercussions.

My weakest T2 rating is CQ drive as compared to CQ knowledge in T1. It is easy to acquire knowledge, but it is hard to change my habits. That is why my CQ action rating is poor as changing my habits such as speech patterns, facial expressions, and accent are not easy things to do. The change is gradual, takes more practice and time. I have been met with circumstances where I did not know how to act and resorted to acting according to my culture. CQ action needs some getting used to, and I know I will improve over time. I have to be more culturally aware than I am in my T2 ratings. Some CQ actions that I need to change are hard to perfect, and trying them can lead to misunderstandings. This is why I have performed poorly in that area.

The CQ knowledge that I have acquired can be used to create more lasting social networks. This will involve trying to break the ice when I meet new people from different cultures. Breaking the ice will help them acclimatize better to their new environment when they realize they have someone they can interact with. I will use my CQ knowledge to mitigate incidences caused by cultural differences. Some people are not culturally tolerant and may cause unpleasant experiences such as hazing among other people from different cultures. I intend to use my knowledge to minimize the occurrence of such incidences. This can be achieved by educating the involved parties about the importance of respecting the culture of different people.

My CQ knowledge can be useful in social settings, like parties, ceremonies, and also in organizational settings. I can be useful in political campaigns and other campaigns. My knowledge can help people from making cultural mistakes and help organizers to accommodate all cultures. I can also volunteer in companies in human resource to manage their culturally diverse workforce. I can also help them to become more culturally diverse and create a favorable workplace environment. This entails some of the short-term and long-term ways that I can put my CQ knowledge to use.

My weakness is the CQ drive that I need to improve so that I can be multiculturally skilled. The CQ drive is an essential area as I get to use my other areas in day to day situations. I intend to interact with the different cultures more to increase my aptitude. One way I can improve the CQ action area is by practicing in day to day situations, and I ask them to correct me when I go wrong. Learning this way will help me internalize the different cultures in my routine. I need to change areas such as my speech patterns and adapt them to each culture that I interact with. Practicing will improve CQ action immensely.

My general scores have gone up, a significant improvement from T1 ratings. The most improved area is CQ knowledge that I needed to improve the rest of the areas. CQ knowledge has made me aware of the whole multicultural issue. I concentrated on understanding how cultures that I have interacted with are different and similar. This is so to help me to reduce the confusion of some aspects of different cultures. This is a process that will take time and dedication. Mastering the CQ knowledge area will lay a strong foundation to improve the other areas to attain good scores.

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