Implementing Ethical Culture in Robo Inc.: Characteristics and Global Implications - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-05-03


In this paper, characteristics required in implementing a shared ethical culture will be identified along with how they will assist Robo Inc. to become more diverse. The paper will also address how global implications and global context affects ethical culture. Afterward, the paper will examine the present and future organizational structure of Robo Inc. and discuss the importance of ethical leadership involved in the implementation.

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There is a need to implement many characteristics so that Robo Inc. can be a shared ethical culture. Areas that need to be focused by the company include problem-solving skills, focus on building skills, reinforcing the behaviors required by the organization, and having clear and realistic expectations (Robbins & Judge, 2019). Through implementing all these traits, employees working for the company will be having a better and clear understanding of what they are expected of by the organization. Besides, they will be aware that doing consultation work for other organizations outside working hours will not be allowed. All employees need to understand and know what they are expected of, which in turn will result in a shared ethical culture. Nevertheless, to maintain the shared ethical culture, the management should often check in to make sure that the outlined expectations are met.

Currently, the world is having unprecedented transformation and going through dramatic technological advancements. Due to these changes, the world is becoming more interconnected and, as a result having an effect on the ethical culture. There will be an effect on ethical culture since some of the global implications will involve moving over past national boundaries hence interacting with other cultures. Robo Inc.'s organizational culture profile is assessed through the competing value framework. The framework involves four aspects, which include clan, hierarchy, adhocracy, and market (Robbins & Judge, 2019). The ethical culture of Robo Inc. will be transformed from market to adhocracy. In market culture, the company was only concentrating on external maintenance with a necessity for control and stability. As a result of engaging in the global context, the ethical culture will be changed to adhocracy, where it will concentrate more on external position with a high degree of individuality and flexibility.

Organizational structure is essential since it provides employees with clear procedures of how to bind members together, and more so, it is inevitable in any organization. Understandably, Robo Inc. will have to change its organizational structure since it wants to improve or advance its operations. Before restructuring the company, the CEO needs to ask five questions in order to come up with a decision. One of the questions is what are the competitive advantages and value proposition does the company currently have. To create a suitable and sufficient organization structure, the executives should answer the vital organizational activities the company should engage in to have a value proposition. The executives should also explain the structure which will be used by the company, its advantages, and the solutions for its downside. Besides, the culture and type of leadership required in the new organization structure should also be stated. Lastly, the executives should answer what practices are needed in the new structure. Through answering these five questions by the executives, the company will be prepared to implement an organizational structure and culture that is suitable and effective

In most cases, the CEOs, presidents, or business owners are the role models of ethical leadership when instigating another organizational structure. During this period, employees will be affected in terms of their productivity hence a need for ethical leadership. Ethical leadership will maintain high morale on the employees and also boost their productivity and performance. The performance of the employees is an essential element that determines the success of failure of the company. In a new organization structure, Robo Inc. will need all the help from its investors. Through ethical leadership, confidence will be evoked in the current and potential investors. By evaluating the various organizational structures, Robo Inc. should apply the functional organizational structure (Robbins & Judge, 2019). This structure involves grouping employees in terms of their specialization, which means that it will be focused on grouping the software developers and sales staff on their own. This structure will enable Robo Inc. to maximize the productivity of its employees and, at the same time, cut down costs.


In conclusion, this research has pointed out the characteristics required in implementing a shared ethical culture. Besides, the paper has highlighted how the characteristics will help Robo Inc. to be more diverse. However, diversification of the company will have an impact on the ethical culture of the organization since it will have to interconnect with various cultures in the international market. Furthermore, the above discussion has concluded that global implications and global context have an effect on ethical cultures. Before implementing an organizational structure, it is crucial for executives to answer various essential questions for the structure to be effective and suitable. Lastly, an organization that is going through a transformation of organizational structure, ethical leadership is important since it acts as a motivation to the employees and a boost of confidence to the investors.


Robbins, S. p., & Judge, T. A. (2019). Organizational Behavior, 18th Edition. New York: Pearson.

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