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Date:  2022-05-03


In the publishing world in a day the hours are not enough to accomplish the mind-boggling things that writers feel have to get done to grow. In the previous years as an author, all you needed to do was to write your book then take it to a publisher who at this point did all the other work of publishing and promotion of the book. Today the writers have the responsibility to undertake all these roles as a writer, publicist, marketer and at times publisher to meet artistic goals and to also have the books known, distributed and sold. The paper shall provide details on my right goal, to be a successful top-selling writer, assess my goals and also the right means to achieve these goals.

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To achieve my goals as a writer can be difficult especially in the breaking out of our comfort zones. Some things may come in the way of our goals to distract us. At some point to meet the goals we struggle, however, there are goals that we set and achieve eventually. I identify being a top-selling writer to be my goal which I will work towards over time. The following are the two ways I will use to achieve my right goal, to be a top-selling writer;

The first, have a plan. Without a proper plan, there is entirely a minimal chance of achieving my goal. I will take time to plan, and planning does not necessarily mean that as a writer I have to know all the steps (Brande, 2016). I will take, for instance, for an airplane to take off which the goal, in this case, it has the initial goal of taking off and the eventual goal over time to reach its destination and land successfully in another specific city in a particular day and timeline. The plan is known as a flight plan. The plan should include essential elements to help to continually grow as a top writer and seller, for instance, try to attend a writers' conference at least once in a while when there is an opportunity. By attending the writers' conference as a writer and pitching one's work, there is a significant probability of getting recognized when the work meets the standards. The plan to attend conferences will be a step in the right direction to get a contract that may push my art to my goal, to be a top-selling author. A plan is very vital to help to identify the critical steps to follow. I need therefore to create a program I can stick to which I can adjust in my pathway to the achievement of my goals.

The second, create discipline. No goal is possible to achieve without discipline. Discipline is very critical because even if you come with goals and you do not follow through it becomes almost impossible to achieve the goals (Brande, 2016). To be a top seller of my books, I will have to foster the right habits in my life that will in turn foster discipline. To achieve my goals discipline entails that I need to have proper time management, persistence, organization, exercise, active goal setting, forgiveness, meditation, and gratitude. To be a top seller, you have first to become a great writer, and there is so much work that needs to go into building the right craft. Without discipline as an author you will most likely lose grip in a situation where things become chaotic. Organization and order go a long way to ensuring achievement of my artistic goals.


In conclusion, to be a successful top-selling writer much planning and discipline gets required to maintain the art at the top level making high sales. The discipline will ensure adherence to the plan that has to be a well thought out plan cognizant of all the means to my success, for instance, through time management. I identify the two essential factors as the means to meeting my goals to be a top-selling writer.


Brande, D. (2016). Becoming a writer. Lulu. com.

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