How Gilead Uses Coded Language to Maintain Its Authority

Date:  2021-03-11 09:34:57
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Language is a powerful language the effectively changes the people reason and associate. Given such reasoning, there is a need to understand the role that it plays in shaping society. For instance, through language, people are able to solve emerging conflicts of various natures. Such a statement has weight given the fact that language is the medium of communication. A good point that can be used to clarify such a matter develops in the case that people communicate to elaborate their viewpoints. In this essay, the coded language is of significant discussion given that it has an effect on the Gilead society as presented in the novel.

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Margret Atwood is a dominant novelist who has gained immense recognition in the field of literature. Such a sentiment develops from the fact through her unique skills; people are able to learn the effect of the coded language within the modern society. A point to note, people may uses words or a given language targeting to effect their communication. On the same note, the coded language is effective in the case that people would want to pass a message to a specific community or society. Evidence that supports such a line of thought develops from the setting in a novel like The Handmaids Tale. Notably, the novel may be considered as a proving given the case that it comments about governance and power. One might consider the fact that the modern society is characterized by issues of power, change, and political developments. In the novel, there is evidence that power plays a major role in shaping the society. For example, when one reads the novel, they become aware of the fact that women are governed by men given their understanding of the sacrificial role of a woman in the society.

Important evidence that can be used to discuss the matter develops in the case that there is an adamant use of the coded language in the novel. Notably, there various words use in the novel that can only be elaborated by the women. For instance, the use of the handmaid has a particular significance to the target group or audience who are the women. For example, the use of the word offered to describe the new society has weight to the woman. Evidently, for one to completely understand the word, they have to be of the female species. In this view, there is a need to highlight the fact that the author of the novel targets to communicate to women in general. Additionally, the novelist does not want to use the general language given the fact that it may fall into the wrong audience. The term wrong audience as used in his context refers to the fact that the novelist does not want the information to reach other people than the women themselves. In this view, one would agree that the use of the coded language is effective in the case that a person would want to maintain confidentiality.

Another case to argue is the fact that the novelist is very careful with their words. For example, the novelist is choosy in the manner that they express their ideas. Logically, controversial matters usually provoke different emotions in the case that people hold diverse views about debatable matters within the use. The use of the coded language in The Handmaids Tale, the novelist uses the coded language to address heavy themes of the society. For example, one is able to understand that women are an oppressed group in Gilead. The fear of interpretation of the information issued plays a dominant role in shaping the novels language. Preciously, women are the oppressed group in the Gilead society. Thus there is a need to enlighten such a group through the use of the coded language. For example, there is evidence that develops from the novel that women need to address their gender inequality issues. This statement means that women are less regard as beings by men. The logic that develops from such a perspective is the fact that women usually find themselves in compromising situations. For example, a man would want to control every aspect of the womans life. In this view, there is the intuition that power is a controversial matter within modern society. Given such a realization, the coded language is effective in The Handmaids Tale. Grounds that result to such reasoning develops in the case that it is used to comment about equality within a society that oppresses women. For instance, the novelist uses a typical language and scenario to connect to her targeted audience. A point in case is the example that she describes the Gilead society where she talks of a previous state of the society. One would easily notice that the description of the state is unique given that the author has presented the novel from a feminist dystopian point of view.

Another important element of discussion is the fact that the author uses the coded language to influence women on the path of the cultural construction. More importantly, she uses her language to comment on ideal identity that women should assume given the case that they would want to fight against oppression. For example, the use of the linguistic manipulation features plays a role in shaping the modern societys view of the womans role in the family institution. As an opinion, such a sentiment has value in this discussion given the fact that it shapes a womans line of thinking. In other words, there is the viewpoint that automatically develops from the analysis of the effect of the coded language. For instance, given the context that the author has presented, one would agree that her symbolism in the novel is effective in the Republic of Gilead since it is able to radically change the United States of America. A deeper analysis of such reasoning is that women recognize their position in the society. However, without the proper emphasis on their life, women would not be able to actualize their dreams. Consequently, they would not be able to change the course of their lives. Practical evidence develops from the fact that many women of the modern society do not realize that they are equally responsible for shaping their communities or societies. Thus, they fail to realize their potentials especially in leading the society. As a result, one would agree that discourse is a major technique used in The Handmaids Tale. Evidently, there is the use of particular language in the novel that elaborates on certain aspects of truth that women need to acknowledge.

The other viewpoint that is of significant consideration in this essay is the fact that the Gilead society uses a particular language to show and control their women. Notably, there are set rules that govern the mannerism with which women handle themselves in the Gilead society. A point to note, there is a set of politics that are used to govern the women in the Gilead society. For example, the women are influenced to believe in particular values that in the real sense underestimate their freedom of expression. Also, there is the intuition that the women are deprived of their rights through a particular governing policy. For example, there are many words used by men of authority in the story that have double meanings. In simple terms, there is the reasoning that one would easily identify in the novel. For example, there is a ruling militaristic state that chooses to safeguard the interest of their people through the use of some hidden truth. The ground to argue in such a viewpoint develops in the event that people are subjected to some type of information that corrodes their thinking. The word corrodes as used in this context refers to the extent that a ruling state would go to protect the people they feel vulnerable. For example, women are subjected to a moral code of conduct that they have to follow. In simple terms in the event that the women fail to observe the allocated protocol, they become subjects of punishment. As such, women become subjects of objectification in the sense that they are primarily the major concern of the regime.

Double language is a major concern of the Gilead authoritative regime. Evidence that supports such reasoning develops in the case that they comment about rules that were formulated before the society existed. This statement means that the position of the Gilead society was constructed before the society even existed. Technically speaking, there is the reasoning that this society that is now branded as the new one, had existed long before the current time that the novelist speaks about. The presentation of a case scenario that interrupts the existence of the society in Gilead thus interrupts a moral society. Effectively, the coded language in the novel is great significance given the case that it helps one to understand the fact that women are oppressed. For example, the theme of denial of basic rights such as education for women becomes evident in the introductory segments of the novel.

Conclusively, the coded language has an effect within the modern society given the fact that many a diverse group of people would want to address heavy themes in the society. Thus, Atwoods novel, The Handmaids Tale provides clear examples of how language can and does influence, control, and oppress a society. Evidently, the use of malicious believes and emphasis on given set of behavior code generally affects women in general. In simple terms, men tend to dictate every aspect of a womans life. Thus, men are not democratic as portrayed in the novel given the fact that they tend to be authoritative in womens lives. As an opinion, there is need to consider the fact that women are equal beings that should be recognized within a civilized and modern society. Importantly, within the American society, the woman has a major role to play in shaping the community.

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