High-Performance Human Resource Practices on Employee Annotated Bibliography

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Date:  2022-05-17

Blount, J., Wright, C. S., Hall, A. A., & Biss, J. L. (2016). Social Media: Creating

Student Awareness of its Use in the Hiring Process. Southern Journal of Business & Ethics, 8202-217.Social media is not only used for creating relationships, but it can also be used in human resource management, that is by job seekers and hiring managers. In this paper by Blount et al. (2016) the authors explore the usage of social media platforms in the recruitment practice. Since social media has invaded people's lives, the authors sought to find the importance of educating the students on the effectiveness of social media in job searches.

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This article is important in human resource policy formulation because it presents prevailing perceptions business students have on the use of social media and also it attempts to understand employer's practices and policies that govern the usage of social media in the recruitment practice. It also outlines the key laws that students should have knowledge of to the use of these platforms by employers. Lastly, the article provides a practical way of getting students aware in an impactful and compelling manner.

Davidson, W., Xie, B., Xu, W., & Ning, Y. (2007). The Influence of Executive Age, Career Horizon and Incentives on Pre-Turnover Earnings Management. Journal Of Management & Governance, 11(1), 45-60. doi:10.1007/s10997-007-9015-8

Davidson et al. (2007) in their paper, work on the hypothesis that CEOs are likely to be driven to manage retributions preceded by turnover decisions. This drive according to Davidson et al. (2007) is mostly for CEOs that are nearing retirement age and want to secure their bonus compensation. For this reason, the CEOs whose retirement bonus is based on profits will have discretionary accruals preceding turnover. However, from this article, the authors also found out that the result for firms with large proportions of bonuses based on profits is not robust that is considering the use of control variables in the regressions.

This article is important in human resource policy planning because it helps in gives insights on the procedures and policies that can assist an organization in maintaining and establishing a consistent benefits package for retirees as well as providing guidelines for CEOs engages in discretionary accruals so as to increase profits for their own advantage.

Konradt, U., Garbers, Y., Erdogan, B., & Bauer, T. (2016). Patterns of Change in Fairness Perceptions During the Hiring Process. International Journal Of Selection & Assessment, 24(3), 246-259. doi:10.1111/ijsa.12144

There have been changes in perceptions in regard to fairness in the places 0of work and this has also led to a change in attitude among employees. However, there have been limited studies to show how fairness perceptions are changing over time. In this regard, Konradt et al. (2016) in their study sought to investigate the models of variations in fairness opinions during the recruitment process and the possible determinants of such changes. The authors used a latent modeling approach to investigate an entire hiring process in order to establish the changes in perceived fairness. In their findings, the authors found out that the major predictions for fairness perceptions were factors such as conscientiousness, agreeableness, and extraversion.

This article is important in human resource policy development in that it provides the human resource managers with factors that lead to employee change in perceived fairness. For employees to remain motivated, HR policies ought to be developed in such a way that they exude fairness across all employees.

Pandey, A., Schulz, E. R., & Camp, R. R. (2018). The Impact of Supervisory Support for High-Performance Human Resource Practices on Employee In-Role, Extra-role, and Counterproductive Behaviors. Journal of Managerial Issues, 30(1), 97-121.

The article by Pandey, Schulz & Camp (2018) sought to examine the differences between a firm's intention to support works systems that exude high performance and the role of supervisors to support these systems. This is because such systems affect the perceptions of workers as well as their performance and predisposition to engage in counterproductive work patterns. Though there were other studies to show the effects of high performing job practices, this article sought to fill the gap on how supervisory expressed their support for practices that lead to high performing employees. In their findings, employees are motivated to perform well by career development and training initiatives that are supported by supervisors.

This article is important for this topic because it shows the importance of supervisor support in employee performance. Human resource managers, therefore, ought to consider the role of supervisors when formulating policies in employee motivation for high performance.

Rabin, R. J., & Tucker Jr., J. R. (2016). Two New Statutes in New York City Constrain the Hiring Process. Employee Relations Law Journal, 41(4), 55-59.

This paper journal by Rabin and Tucker outlines the laws that human resource managers ought to follow when hiring workers. From the journal, the Fair Chance Act (FCA) and the Stop Credit Discrimination in Employment Act (SCDEA) require all organizations operating in New York City to consider how they perform their background check policies when hiring employees. Companies in this article are advised to review their procedures as well as their written policies so that they ensure that they comply with the law. Consequently, employers are advised to adhere to other applicable laws such as the New York State Human Rights Law, the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), and the provisions provided by the NYCHRL that ensure employees are not discriminated based on their conviction history.

This journal is important in human resource policy development as it provides guidelines on the laws that ought to be followed when formulating such policies. This is important to employers because failure to follow the law in the recruitment process can lead to lawsuits that will cost the company millions of dollars.

Rottinghaus, P. J., Falk, N. A., & Park, C. J. (2018). Career Assessment and Counseling for Stem: A Critical Review. Career Development Quarterly, 66(1), 2-34. doi:10.1002/cdq.12119

This article by Rottinghaus, Falk & Park (2018) reviews the strategies and disciplines that individuals can persist, enter, and explore if they want to pursue STEM careers. The STEM is a curriculum that is designed to teach students in four disciplines namely mathematics, engineering, technology and science. For the curriculum to work, career counselors are required to have the skills and knowledge in order to assist students that are contemplating having careers in the STEM disciplines. In this regard, Rottinghaus, Falk & Park (2018) found out that the incorporation of professional valuations can significantly impact this effort. The authors analyzed data from career assessments done between the years 1983-2016, and by finding 39 journals with approximately 153 procedures. The outstanding results from the study identified social cognitive theory as one of the frameworks that could be used for development of STEM careers.

This article is important in human resource policy formulation because it lays out the measures that can be used for STEM-focused constructs and domains. In addition, the article points out the useful resources and strategies that counselors can adopt as well as the recommendations that can enhance STEM career interventions and assessments.

Schultz, E. L., Tan, D. T., & Walsh, K. D. (2017). Corporate Governance and the Probability of Default. Accounting & Finance, 57235-253. doi:10.1111/acfi.12147

The authors of this article Schultz, Tan & Walsh (2017) conducted a study to show the correlation between corporate power and its impact on a company's failure. The authors used the Merton's probability measure to ascertain the likelihood of a company's failure in effect from the chance of default and corporate governance. In their findings, the authors suggested that the firm's failure was likely to increase or decrease as inside ownership increase. By inside ownership, the authors referred to managers fixed pay and the proportions of pay for the non-executive directors present in the company's board.

This article is important for this study because it looks into the impact corporate governance has on the failure of a company. Corporate governance is key when formulating human resource policies as the directors have an upper hand in ensuring the failure or success of a company. For this reason, they ought to be treated fairly, and compensated well.

Smith, D. F. (2018). Don't Let Them Quit! How to Meet the Challenges of Voluntary Termination Intention. Journal Of Financial Planning, 31(4), 18-19.

This article by Smith (2018) looks at the ways in which the human resource managers can avert the intention of a voluntary termination by the employees. According to the authors, the cost of losing valuable employees is very high, and any chance to avert this voluntary termination ought to be addressed by the human resource managers. The article suggests that managers ought to understand the psychology of their workers, their training needs as well as the rewards they value so that they are able to tackle such challenges. The authors of this article provide ways of dealing with such challenges which include employing the Five Star Leadership which includes respect, reward, development, modeling, and inclusion of employees in decision making.

This article is important in human resource policy development in that it provides guidelines that human resource managers ought to adapt to avert the challenge of a voluntary termination by employees. This is because the cost of such termination is high, and can have a great impact on the organization.

Uitzinger, D., Chrysler-Fox, P., & Thomas, A. (2018). Perceptions of Human Resource Professionals with Challenges to and Strategies for Retaining Managers. Acta Commercii, 18(1), 1-10. doi:10.4102/ac.v18i1.504

Developing and retaining brilliant middle-level and top executives who have specific experience and skills provide a company with a competitive advantage and are considered a long-term investment. Uitzinger, Chrysler-Fox & Thomas (2018) sought to explore the challenges human resource managers experience in formulating effective retention strategies. This article also aimed at providing insights into the suggested strategies for employee retention. The authors were motivated to perform this study by the challenges HR managers face to retain their top employees due to ineffective retention strategies.

Human resource managers are experiencing challenges in retaining company managers, and thus this article is important in this study topic because it provides the managers with a deeper awareness of effective retaining approaches. Having a deeper knowledge of the effective retaining approaches can help HR managers in retaining their top skilled employees so as to have a competitive advantage in the industry they operate.

Van Dijky, J. J. (2017). Local Employment Multipliers in U.S. Cities. Journal of Economic Geography, 17(2), 465-487. doi:10.1093/jeg/lbw010

This article by Van Dijky (2017) shows that in a regional economy, employment within the non-tradable sector is likely to benefit from attracting jobs within the tradable sector. In the article, the author shows that within a city in the United States, there is a substantial result of a jolt to occupations within the tradable division on occupation within the non-tradable division. According to Van Dijky (2017), any...

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