High Employee Turnover in the Automotive Industry Paper Example

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Date:  2022-07-08

1) In 1-2 paragraphs describe one area or broader topic of research that is of interest of you.

After the recruitment of highly skilled talent, the second-ranked and most important priority is employee retention. However, the Global Talent Trends Report of 2016 shows that 41% of salaried employee respondents record that they were not intending to remain at their companies for more than one year.37% of the participants on the other hand were willing to work in these companies for more than 3 years while the rest 22% did not know how long they would stay ("2016 Global Talent Trends | LinkedIn Talent Solutions", 2018).

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These statistics strike worrying thoughts because according to SHRM (2018) study, an average of 6 to 9 month's salary is spent on replacing a salaried employee making high employee turnover extremely costly for business firms. This fact marks the basis of this research. Precisely, the proposed research aims to focus on the turnover in the automotive industry which is gone as high as 67% annually to examine the cause and recommend on the appropriate measures to curb the phenomena (LaReau, 2018).

2) In 1-2 paragraphs answer the following questions:

a. How would you describe the intellectual merit of your topic? (Why should I do it?)

b. What could conducting this research add to your field of study? (Why should anyone care?)

c. How will it tie back to your goals and academic background? (How will this help me grow in the field?)

The first step of making an effective management decision is to establish the primary cause of the problem. Delving deep into the subject will illuminate these causes and ultimately provide with information to make informed decisions on employee retention. Fundamentally, identifying the cause of high turnover in the automotive industry involves rigorous examination of employee perceptions, satisfaction, organisation culture and motivation. Evaluation of these theoretical concepts will not only allow one to grasp them better but also, it will show the practicality of theories in solving real-life problems.

In addition to a firm grasp of theoretical concepts, this research will further develop researching skill and critical eye on real-life issues in the business world. The importance of this skill-set cannot be overemphasized. It equips one with tools and confidence to approach with the dynamic business world is the main goal of an efficient academic background.

3)What specific research question(s) would you want to answer through conducting this research?

While the umbrella topic of the study is salaried employee retention, this research specifically intends to answer the following question: What are the 3 main causes of high turnover in Automotive manufacturing amongst salaried employees? The is question will not only guide the study but also, it will allow me to focus on the main points and get maximum information regarding these causes.


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