Health, Hunger-Free Children's Act Under Jeopardy

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Date:  2022-05-09

On December 13, 2010, the federal statute signed the healthy, hunger-free children's act of 2010. This bill was meant to fund children nutrition programs and free nutritional lunch programs in school for five years. This bill was drafted due to Michelle Obama initiative to fight against childhood obesity. This bill is facing problems arising from the recent announcement by Donald Trump which aims to stripe off this bill. This announcement is believed to have been made after analyzing the feedback from both students and food service experts about how difficult it is to stand up to these regulations. Although this is a valid reason, the real question is whether this action is necessary. This issue has been selected for analysis as children's health is an important aspect.

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This problem is an issue that has some stakeholders involved. Among the most common stakeholders, in this case, including the School Nutrition Association's, parents, cabinet secretary health and nutrition department and head of schools. These stakeholders can overcome this particular challenge by adopting some options. Among the most available options which can be implemented include adopting a system where children will be carrying their meals from home or imitating what other countries do after comparing some systems. These options can be evaluated using comparing the expected results of the nutrition program to be adopted. Another option that can be adopted involves the government setting a standard meal for all schools. This option is quite easy but at to some extent impossible as it is challenging to take charge of the standardization process. Schools can also adopt a system where students will be allowed to carry take away lunch from home. This option is valid, but as per previous research, this system will discriminate students from poor backgrounds. This will bring some form of inequalities and thus not suitable. A school is supposed to standardize all its students, and none should be discriminated no matter what. Among all the available options, the best option according to scholar's involves the USA imitating what other countries do

Imitating what other countries do is the best option I among all available options as one works as per the results recorded. This option is the best as the implementation procedures are straightforward and also one can overcome the drawbacks recorded in countries that have adopted this particular system. The drawbacks of this system can be overcome by ensuring that the USA adopts a customized system which differs from that adopted by the first country.


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