Health Care Crisis in America

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Date:  2021-03-08

For a well-developed nation to prosper, it has to put the factor of health a priority. There are lots of health factors that have to be put in. First world nations such as the United States have tried to put in the fact that health is a priority but all in all not everything at the end of the day goes well. As the days go by, new problems pertaining the health sector arise thus require much more advanced technological health tackling. Although The United States of America has tried way much better as compared to other first, second and third world nations to deal with this health crisis but new crisis always come up.

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Cohn (2008) states that the United States of America is not always ready to provide health care to its population as compared to other first world nations. The United States does not give coverage for all, and it depends mainly on insuring companies thus the citizens who have the insurance cover are always in the priority to be given health support. The employed citizens are the ones who benefit much as compared to jobless citizens or the peasants. Due to the insurance policies that the United States has put on the healthcare sector, health crisis rises due to lack of support for the citizens that cannot afford the prices of the insurance from various insurance companies in the United States.

Small employers face lots of constraints in trying to offer health insurances as compared to larger employers. The greatest factor is the high cost of giving policies thus making it costly for a lot of them to give coverage to its employees hence making it have the problem of the health crisis. There is also this problem that arises from weak labor power in the US. With this reason, it has led to failure in development of health coverage in the US (Parish, 2008).

According to Pipes (2004), one other greatest problem is the political policies legacies and political institutions in the US. The major hindrance to the healthcare in the US is the power of the political authorities. Instead of the government giving priority to the health sector, it has decided to establish other sectors to develop the economic development of the nation. This has led to the government ignoring the health sector hence increasing the health crisis in the US. The power division has led to this government giving priorities to other sectors. The government should always give priority to the health sector to reduce the health crisis in the US.

The health system in the United States of America is highly privatized than that of any other industrialized first world country. It is estimated that almost half of the healthcare priorities come from the central government of the US. The Medicare and the Medicaid have played the greatest pivotal role in the healthcare sector in the country. Medicare has been the greatest insurance cover although most of the citizens cannot afford it (Prince, 2006). These high prices by the Medicare have played a greater role in undermining the health sector hence increasing the health crisis in the United States of America.

The other problem that has resulted in health care crisis is the Obama Care. This Obama Care is quite inefficient since it does not cover all Americans adequately. Moreover, it fails to harmonize the high cost of healthcare, yet it can make use of the government power to bargain down the cost of medical services and drugs. It should also streamline the higher administrative charges in the insurance system.

The cost of the health insurance to the American citizens has taken the greater part of the citizens. His issue has been brought up from two main sources. One of these greatest sources is the lower administrative costs. The private sectors use large sums in trying to get rid of high-cost customers. With these high costs, a better number of citizens cannot be able to afford the insurance covers offered by these private insurers.

Americas healthcare crisis has become demonstrable in various ways. America has had the lowest lifespan and highest infant mortality rate. Compared to other industrialized first world nations, America has been left struggling behind in trying to keep up with the pace of other developed countries. The health crisis has greatly risen because there has been the so large number of infant mortality rate. For a first world nation such as the United States of America, deaths to young infants should have been a forgotten issue long before considering other developments (Rooney & Perrin, 2008).

Also, the commercially driven healthcare has been harmful to the citizens let alone being of inefficient. With this in considering, it has led to losing of lots lives in the country. One can find out that due to the certain illness, he or she decides to seek medical attention but due to very high costs of treatment, various citizens cannot afford to meet the medical cost by the various commercially driven healthcare centers (Cohn, 2008).

Even though other families in The United States of America have health insurance, they end up struggling to pay their medical bills. The main reason to these struggles in paying for the health insurance could be the high costs rendering it inefficient to the citizens. This has eventually led to the very high health crisis in the US (Prince, 2006).

In conclusion, these problems hindering health care in the US is due to the unstable policies of the government of the United States of America. The profit making organizations in the United States have played the greatest role in health crisis hence, resulting to the healthcare crisis in the US.


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