Halong Bay, Vietnam Essay

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Date:  2022-04-14

Vietnam is a fascinating country with an astonishing mix of natural features and cultural diversity. The scenery includes a wide range of winding mountains, national parks, and verdant fields. The rural areas brim with laudable scenes and the cities would make one stick into Vietnam's attractive highlights. Halong Bay is among the seascape in Vietnam attracting millions of tourists, and its unique beauty has made United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) add it as a World Heritage Site. In fact, the bay is among the leading tourist attraction hubs in northern Vietnam characterized by numerous limestone islands withstanding over 500 million years of tropical downpours. Some of the islands are vast caverns with superbly weird stalagmites and stalactites. Most visitors opt for night cruise-tours which include sleeping on board within the bay. An excursion to Halong Bay is cheap, unique and cannot be found elsewhere and therefore there is need to make the bay more appealing.

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Building inclusive, functional, healthy and productive public places are among the challenges facing civilization today. The public space plays a significant role in the economic and social life of a community. Vietnam is fortunate to have Halong Bay as nature has created such a vital scene. However, upgrading and reserving the bay and the surrounding social resources would be of great significance not only to the locals but also to the tourists considering Halong Bay as an attraction site. For instance, with developed infrastructures, most visitors would recognize the bay as a recreation space to spend their holidays and as a therapeutic resource away from busy streets scenes in the cities. However, to make the Halong Bay more attractive the locals and federal authorities should conserve the limestone islands and develop secondary infrastructures to support the ever-increasing number of tourists, but their building design should preserve the traditions of Vietnam.

Public space also provides a social arena for a variety of people including children. Mostly, it would be difficult for children to cruise the bay during the night as most people would prefer. Also, older people are frequently absent from public places during the late hours. Therefore, it would be more conducive to introduce recreational daytime programs to entertain those who cannot afford to stay awake after nightfall. Some of these initiatives would include cultural programs spreading and preserving the Vietnamese heritage. In fact, this would also stimulate tourists to explore Halong Bay to comprehend its development and history.

Lastly, decent facilities provide opportunities to a variety of intellectual, cultural and physical activities. Vietnam has a history of war, and petty crimes are still common cases. Therefore, achieving high levels of sociability would be a distinct feature. Halong Bay provides means for different ages and ethical groups to interrelate, and the interaction should reflect the community at large. The Vietnam people should make friends and comfortably interact with strangers to develop a strong sense of attachment to their community. As a result, this would address issues of antisocial behaviors and promote healthy alternatives making Halong Bay appealing not only to the tourists but also to the locals.

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