Government: Running for Office in Texas Paper Example

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Government is a system which governs a community or a nation. In the US, the government is shared between local, state and federal government. Local government is a form of public administration comprising of local municipals. Both federal and state government have the power to tax, make and enforce the law, charter banks and borrow money. On August 22, 2018, the federal government was delegated certain enumerated powers while other powers are reserved to the state. Therefore, a constitution governs their relationship.

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Separation of Powers

The government of the State of Texas has three separate departments that include an independent body of magistracy and they include the legislative, the executive and the judiciary where the executive resembled American president, judiciary was four tiered. Each of the branches has certain powers, and they are limited and checked by another branch. Also, Federalism consists of national and sub-nation whose positions were elective and were assigned different functions. A nation is to handle matter affection the country as a whole while sub-nation is to handle matters that lie within their regions such as health. Under the federal system, there are Senate positions that are held by individuals who represent certain territories in the existing states and every state is represented by two senators (Cruz and Ted 25). Before 1990s UK unitary system was centralized such that the national government held most powers. Due to devolution, power was allocated to different government creating a regional government and delegating specific responsibilities to them. The state was sovereign and powerful while national was weak and subordinate. Understanding the balances and relationships among legislative and other government function will expedite accomplishing their set goals and objectives (Cruz and Ted 25).

The Legislature, Executive, and Judiciary

The legislative arm of the government is tasked with the following functions; making laws, declaring war, and controlling commerce across the states and foreign commerce as well as controlling tax. The division consists of a government accountability office, government printing office, and state. On the other hand, the executive branch enforces the law of the land. The executive arm is headed by the president, advisors to the president, several departments and agencies such as the federal agency, the executive office of president, and federal info center. The executive also appoints heads of parastatals and government agency for effective governance. Finally, the judiciary is constitutes the US Supreme Courts and federal judicial center which plays an integral role in the education and research agency for the federal courts (Cruz and Ted 25).

Role of Public Opinion, Interest Groups, and Political Parties

Public opinion is an assortment of new ideas and view about a nation, a person or a local. Public opinion is analyzed and interpreted by politicians and social media. Normally, the analysis of the public opinion is intended to figure out the public's feelings towards certain topics and their thoughts towards different issues that affect them. The information that is gotten from the public opinion is usually useful in spreading propaganda or can be used by politicians when hunting for votes. Citizens can sometimes air their views through the socialization agents which are then used to spread political information. Such agents are crucial in decision making during elections because they provide sufficient information that can help in decision making. On the other hand, interest groups are a people who are organized to achieve certain objectives and normally apply political processes to get what they want or to push for their agenda. Organized interest groups hire representatives to advocate on their behalf of the group interest. Political parties are coalitions that represent a certain number of citizens (Dalton and Russell 55).

State and Local Election System

Local elections refer to the elections of a town or other municipality and the people who are elected to the offices have authority in their municipality. Representatives are selected through a direct election process. State elections have a lot of power. Every state elects its governor who heads the state executive branch and representatives to the state legislature. Governor or legislature appoints members of state judicial branch and other positions. In UK local elections refers to district, city and parish elections. They are usually held on the first Thursday of May every year. Council elected to serve for four years. United state elections were held on Tuesday 6 of November 2018 (Cruz and Ted 25).

Rights and Responsibilities

Rights and responsibilities of a citizen are both important aspects of taxes. Texans should obey taxes on owned property and goods. They obey all laws, civil regulations, and ordinances. Civil responsibilities civil regulations and serving on a jury, volunteering, act positively in their community and participate in civic engagement. Texans are expected to respect and obey federal, state and local laws, rights, beliefs and opinion of others. Texans are to be patriotic and defend their state (Dougherty et al. 129).

Issues, Policies, and Political Culture

Texas faces a lot of issues and has come up with policies to aid. They include Immigration whereby federal immigration laws have been enforced; Education sector has been constitutionalized especially on the school finance system, transgender bathrooms in which Texas led a multistate lawsuit that temporarily blocked this issue and the state budget. Other issues include foster care for children whereby they are at risk due to understaffing hence cannot be fully accommodated; abortion whereby the set guidelines are to be looked into, marijuana and ownership of guns (Dougherty et al. 134).

The Political Culture of Texas Combines both the Individual and Traditional

Individualistic culture celebrates an individual achievement which is normally accelerated by government activity thus creating an opportunity. Even though the Texas' popular culture is individualistic, there is also a traditionalistic culture where there is a history of a single party dominating the state politics and policy is made by a few elite citizens with an intention of maintaining the social order. There is also social and economic conservativeness as well as shared systems and values within the traditionalistic culture which has made it hard for the government activities to thrive (Dougherty et al. 173). Texas culture real parts involve populism and liberalism. The blending of economic traditionalism and the conservative approach to social life has made it hard to introduce new changes in political and economic arena.


Given an opportunity to run a state office, I would run for governorship position with enhancing a brighter future as my slogan under Republican Party. I believe I have good communication skills, critical thinking, and social and personal responsibility virtues. The funds that I would use to the campaign will be from support from my party, family fun picnic, donations, and my savings. My committee will comprise of those who forecast on the future and are willing to see me succeed starting from campaign manager, finance director, press secretary, field director, campaign treasurer, and technology manager who manages all the aspects of the campaign. Such an approach will enable me to secure an effective campaign and achieve my objective to become a governor in Texas State.

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