Globalism and Terrorism Worksheet Paper Example

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Date:  2022-09-21

#1 Clintonomics can be described as the upturn in the American economy that has been experienced before 1992 when Clinton became US president. He promised to focus more on the economy through what he referred to as like a laser beam. Clontonomics is, therefore, the GDP growth at 3.7% according to the US Bureau of labor.

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#2 the midterm elections of 194 were significant in the legislation because they facilitated the signing of the document 'contract with America' that helped the Republican party to have the control of Congress. The document outlined the legislation that was to be enacted within a period of 100 days which include the reduction of tax, measures to reduce crime, line term veto that is permanent among others. They were passed by the house when Newt Gingrich was the speaker.

#3 the Balkan war involved a rival between the Balkan league members that is Greece, Serbia, Montenegro and Bulgaria against the Ottoman Empire. Russian auspices facilitated the formation of the Balkan League. The government of the United States, however, took a decision in 1995 to end the war through peaceful talks despite the fact that the day to day administration of the crisis in the US had lost credibility. In terms of policy making, Clinton advised the security advisors to establish a long-lasting strategy for Bosnia a process that resulted in a positive outcome in reaching into a consensus in 1995. The government of the US ought to have taken this action immediately the crisis began and this could have reduced the damaged caused during the war.

#4 The 42nd president of United States was tabbed in the House of representatives in December 1998. The impeachment was attributed to two charges. One the charges of perjury and two the charges of obstruction of justice. The impeachment process took different courses after failure at the initial stage and at the 106th sitting of the committee, these two-thirds of the representatives voted for the removal of Clinton in office. A common average citizen may be charged with a fine and a jail term of not less than ten years on top of losing the office position if the convicted holds one. No one is above the law and as such the penalties for whichever charges before the court of law should be universal, this is because all of us are equal before the law and the constitution grants us the same identity.

#5 President George W Bush announced through a national Television in 2003 the commencement of the Iraque freedom where he had authorized the mission the get Iraq rid of the tyrannical dictator who was known as Saddam Hussein and eliminate his ability to manufacture more weapons. The United States was involved in the war to achieve democratic value in the Middle East despite the fact that it suffered a loss in terms of cost incurred during the war.


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