Giraffe Experience (Leadership and Team Working Skills)

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Date:  2022-03-29


Our team's assignment was to build a free-standing giraffe using paper and tape. This topic arouses nostalgic memories, art class. Back to the matter at hand, we were required to note down the key features of a giraffe and also needed to appoint group representatives as well as team members who could lead. To begin with, we were to acquire the necessary materials, paper, and tape from the tutor's desk and set a time limit for our team. We were voting in leaders and receiving the paper and tape and get the assignment at hand done.

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For the activities, we discussed the key features of the giraffe as one member notes them down. Every team member takes it as their responsibility to be as helpful as possible. With the notes we get to the technical bit of building the giraffe. Two team members both want to build the giraffe and there is a heated disagreement that destroys the paper. The team captain talks them out of the fight and acquires a new piece of the paper for the task. A new team member has to volunteer to build the giraffe. We build the giraffe within the target time span, and we are all proud of the result. At the end of the day, every team member is pleased. It was a success because every team member played their role (teamwork). Every team member learned something new from the other teammates. The leaders steered the group to success (good leadership). We all had a good time learning new things and sharing the knowledge we had. Teamwork promoted friendship. Working with a team is not that bad. I learned the importance of teamwork and also acquired leadership skills.

Critical Thinking and Creative Thinking Skills

A minute detail left out can have a big effect on the big picture and change the outcome on a critical situation. I remember a situation when a dog not barking was a huge breakthrough in a murder investigation. This is the key to getting out of tough situations in life (critical and creative thinking). Finding solutions to problems in ways that haven't been used before or thinking outside the box, unorthodox perspectives work sometimes. I research on how to improve my creative thing and make a list of activities I have to perform to boost my creativity. Solving puzzles makes my mind active thinking of possible solutions. This is an efficient way of boosting creativity. I enroll in the gym. According to research, exercise loosens up the body, and this makes the mind freer. At such a time I come with great solutions to earlier problems. During a class presentation, I gesture with both hands. Using my left hand stimulates creative thought. This way, I can come up with multiple perspectives on a topic at hand. I join a meditation group. It promotes divergent thinking, a state in which I can come up with new ideas. Listening to music promotes the section of the brain that controls creativity. During my private study session, I listen to music as I read a play. I come up with new ideas, and I have multiple points of view of the occurrences in the play. On my way home after classes, I brainstorm on the major topics learned. This helps me have a different perspective on various ideas. I am pleased with what I can achieve through simple activities of boosting my creativity. I am more creative than I was earlier. I realize that meditation during a tough moment gives me different solutions to the problem at hand.

Communication (Verbal/Non-Verbal) / Presentation Skills

On my way to school, I spot a vacant seat beside a teenage boy. I ask him if could sit and he nods while smiling in my direction. I sit clumsily beside him and slide into the seat. He shakes his head in disapproval. Later in the day, I overhear some students say that he's dumb. I make my new goal to learn non-verbal means of communication. I attend a communication skills lesson and determine the specific meanings of various gestures and body movements. During the remaining part of the day, I avoid communicating verbally unless it is indispensable. Instead, I engage in nonverbal means of communication. I trace my earlier seatmate and starts a conversation putting into practice knowledge acquired from the class I attended earlier. However, I am still new to this, so we take it slow until I catch up. He is quite understanding and doesn't make fun of me when I use the wrong gestures or make inappropriate body movements. I have a lot to learn from him. The break session is over I go back to class smiling; I had a conversation with a dumb teenage boy. I have made a new friend in a fascinating way. I have also learned we can share information without talking. I am proud of myself as I walk home after class. The thought of conversing with someone was fictional to me, yet I have experienced it all. Having that conversation earlier in the day made me realize that not being able to talk doesn't make a person dumb but special. I learned that using gestures and body language is the best means of communicating our feelings to our friends and family or showing that we truly appreciate something without using words.

Technology and E-Learning Skills

I have this philosophy assignment that I can't quite understand. I have tried reading various philosophy books, but I can't get the right concepts from the books. Therefore, I ask my friend how he managed to get the content of the study topic. He says that the sources and research materials are available on the internet. Later that afternoon I visit the computer laboratory and search on the subject in mind. I am shocked by the available information. A variety of sources with various perspectives on different topics. There is more information than is present in books. The information is readily available at the click of a button. I do not have to go to the crowded library halls anymore. I realize that with the right device I can access all the information at any time. I do not have to travel the long distance to the library to access a book. This saves time. I search for a chemistry book I couldn't find in the library and find it on the web. I am very pleased. I get an idea to look for audio and video sources, and they are also available. This is the best this I have learned. The services here are much better. I don't have to go through a list of books on shelves anymore. All sources are available with a single click of the mouse. I realize I can also pursue any course through the same platform at the comfort of my home. I enjoy reading from computers and the speed of finding Information is impressive. I can now satisfy all my academic needs through the technological platform.

Time Management

I am punished for not completing my class assignment. I remember watched TV all evening and forgot that I had assignments to do. I am very disappointed and decide to create a time table to manage my time and daily activities to ensure it doesn't happen again. I consult a friend and take notes as I am given instructions on how manage time. I return to my cubicle and begin creating my time schedule. I have to ensure every activity is allocated time. I note down all the important activities I have to carry out every day. I calculate the total number of hours I have in a day for the activities. Then I allocate time to these activities depending on their priorities until every activity has a time slot. I follow the time schedule to carry out tasks in the evening. I am pleased with my time management scheme. I realize that I have completed all my tasks and that means no more punishments and no tasks are left undone. I share this with some friends, whom I later help create their own time schedules. I can now account on how I spend my time and keep track of my task. I intend to use this knowledge to manage a department, using information to allocate tasks and time limits to other members of staff.

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