General System Theory Essay

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A system is a well-structured an organized entity composed of interrelated disciplines whose combination makes an operation effective. This theory was postulated by Ludwig von Bertalanffy in 1928. He postulated that a system could be broken down into two different parts where each of the subparts could be studies when decoupled with the other system or it can be combined, studied together and come up with a discrete result from the combination. Holding these two assumptions by Von, he came up with a contrary opinion that a system is made up of interactions of its components and non-linearity of this interactions (Drack, 2015)

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According to other proponents who supported this idea, Kuhn proposed that if a person has knowledge about one part of a system, that usher in another understanding of the other part of a system. he concluded in his study that the proportionality of an information is dependent on another adjacent information whose combination could bring result to the whole system.

A system has two conditions to satisfy for it to be fully considered effective that is cybernetic of uncontrolled. Cybernetic system has detectors, selectors and sensors which when one condition is affected, it brings a resultant change in the whole system. He further proposed that one change in a system brings a resultant effect in the other system and the cause of such an effect is what he referred to as detector, which takes the response in the system. selector on the other hand is conditioned to filter out the number of conditions and defines the rules under which the system in operation should use to respond to the condition induced with by the detector. Then the resultant effect, that is communication is an interaction between the detector and the selector (Forrester, 2008)

Diagrammatic representation of the system


The theory is applicable where there are specific cybernetic and non - cybernetic variables that have the effectors discretion. That is the system will not work beyond a point where the originator cannot control the number of effects is subjected to by the environment.

It is also applicable where it is the aid of the controller of the information is to be served for a specific task that will aid decision making within such a period of timeline stated.

The field where the system can be applied

In business specifically, management. When making a production decision, there are inputs, conditions to be met and the resultant output. To produce better results, utilization and more resources need to be committed to the system so as in total the effect will be of benefit to the whole organization.

In information technology, specifically app or system development where a plan is needed, variables and now the actual development of the system.

How the theory can be applied in the real world

In reality, the system can be applied in increasing one's knowledge which entails the use of the cognitive system to establish, create information and activate information which can result to the autonomous learning process that will aid in making decisions not only tied to one system but other areas of interest.

With the use of a holistic system, there is a high integration between the factors under study which in totality will add up to creating value. Business value creation is not only tied to decision making but also internal auditing and feedback system which will aid in making total quality management and innovation.

The theory is believed to have an explanatory power within the domain focus since it not only gives the solution to the real-world system problem but it is also geared towards attaining value and increasing knowledge of the users.

Relationship with information technology

The theory relates to service theory of information technology where its aim is to develop a value-based system. With the adaptive system, complex disciplines like engineering and management relate to this system as it aims at increasing value to the system. GST is therefore key in adding value the same with that of service theory (Kast, 1972)


Drack, M. &. (2015). On the history of Ludwig von Bertalanffy's "General Systemology", and on its relationship to cybernetics-part III: convergences and divergences. International journal of general systems, 5(44), 523-571.

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