Geert Hofstede on Global Management Theory: Origin & Governance - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-08-12


Geert Hofstede on his dimension theories, he points out that there is nothing like universal management theory that exists in a part of the globe. Geert Hofstede goes further and draws a clarification whereby he says that the term management has different descriptions and meaning in different countries. It also depends on its origin throughout the globe. A lot of directives are taking place throughout the world, as they take place governance is not a fact to be left behind or eliminated when there is any process that is going on in a country or specific society.

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Governance/management interconnects with any activity that is going on through the country. It links itself with what happens in different parts, institutions as well as occasions such as party politics, the centre of learnings without leaving the administration.

Geert Hofstede's cultural dimensions theory is a platform that explains out five categories and how divergent they are in different cultures worldwide. The following are the five dimensions explaining different cultures. What we need to understand is that every aspect is drawn after a lot of comparisons from different countries though not all.

Individualism vs. Collectivism

It is the level at which person's feel that they have to be independent of themselves and even the organizations in which they are working. In individualism individuals, the decision is expected. Collectivism, on the other word, means that a person is aware of another's location.

The Dimension of Power Distance

It is the range at which people who have less power in an organization, family and institutes admit and assume that the authority is unequally disseminated and they consider it as usual. It will be attained when the less powerful will agrees with the ones in power as their leaders. People will be able to identify their leaders.

Masculine Versus Feminine

In a society which is dominated by masculine, the community is more open. It means that when conclusions are made the organization feels okay and adheres to it. In a feminine society, genders are closer emotionally. There is always a feeling of sympathy for the less powerful. They do not put their competition openly.

Uncertainty Avoidance

It is characterized with the extent to which society prefers programmed or structured situations over the scheduled or unstructured. People need to have something in which they can rely upon. Uncertain avoidance has mostly to do with the fact of not trusting a new face and the development of anxiety.

Extensive Term and Petite Term Positioning

In the long term focused on culture, the future is their main point. Today’s world is always changing with time, may it be climatic change, and may it be leadership changes. Due to these changes and nobody knows what tomorrow holds, future decisions need to be made to avoid the downfall of society. In short, term leaning ethos, the domain is depicted as non-changing, as it was created. Shows that the past has nothing of importance rather than just creating a direction which is considered moral, and adhering to it is morally excellent. Short term orientation is much predictable since it 1reliees on religion, education and life.

To clearly understand a countries management, you should have enough understanding and still poses the ability to share your feeling and the feeling of another. Hofstede carried out a unique data survey which shows that people from other countries may tend to think and do things differently from the ones from your country even as they face the core problems of the society. A lot of people tend to do and acting their way out of their own experience. If you wish or you are working on any corporate strategy, you are advised to learn from Geert Hofstede’s dimension theory.

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