G2Q: Multinational Water Commodification Company - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-05-06


A functional group structure or a team in any company is essential as plays a vital role in ensuring the company succeeds. Managers and workers are also required to have crucial skills, which include constructive communication, leadership, professional communication, and the ability to resolve differences that may occur in the workplace. G2Q, a multinational water commodification company based in the United States of America, consists of such groups which affect the overall productivity of the company (Tsoukas, 2018). The ethical relativism and virtue ethics are the key concepts that try to look into the diversity, cultural, and ethical issues that are affecting G2Q multinational company as it strives to compete with other water companies.

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Ethical Relativism

The ethical relativism concept maintains that morality in any setting is relative to the customs and norms of one's culture and beliefs. Ethicists argue that the definition of wrong and right entirely depends on one's prevailing view. Relativists hold that right and wrong and relative and subjective and can only make sense depending on one's environment (Pearson, 2016). The decision by the company to adopt stringent measures to ensure it remains relevant and competitive in offering water services is morally and ethically correct. The G2Q Company had a right to hire and fire managers as it tries to improve its profitability. On the other hand, employees were right to protest over poor managerial services offered by the company.

Virtue Ethics

Virtue Ethics concept emphasizes one's character, which is relative to ethical thinking as opposed to following laid down guidelines and rules. Virtue ethics is opposed to consequentialism and deontology concepts that guide people's actions. New managers that were hired from the headquarters had a moral responsibility to come up with measures that could solve problems that employees faced (Tsoukas, 2018). Phronesis holds that people should apply moral wisdom is dealing with situations they found themselves in at all times.


Conclusively, ethical relativism, and virtue ethics concepts explain the situation at the G2Q Company. Both the management and workers should apply ethics to solve issues that they face each day. Ethical relativism comes into play in explaining the actions of both the company managers and the employees. By engaging the employees in day to day decision-making processes, there is a likelihood of improving the welfare of these workers, which in turn improves the profitability of the company.


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Tsoukas, H. (2018). Strategy and virtue: Developing strategy-as-practice through virtue ethics. Strategic Organization, 16(3), 323-351.

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