Free Essay Example on Intrinsic Rewards: Benefits to Employees and Managers

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Date:  2023-10-25

Intrinsic rewards refer to the employees' psychological rewards for their exemplary performance in their execution of assigned duty. They are non-physical rewards that are emotionally connected with the employee. Such rewards are associated with employees’ performance, with higher success rates being directly proportional to the intrinsic reward received (Bajracharya, 2018). Deuteronomy 24:14-15 advises the managers to pay their employees their dues on a timely manner, as that is the only thing they rely on. Similarly, to show appreciation and encourage motivation, managers should offer their employees intrinsic rewards for the numerous reasons discussed in this review.

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Although the verse advises the managers only to consider paying the employee salaries comprising of money, the employees require internal motivation (Thomas, 2009). This means the for employees to remain motivated, they need other rewards such as giving employees positive feedback, respect, and formulating an inclusive decision-making process (Tanner, 2019). Intrinsic value plays a critical role in the workplace, as they retain long-term staff motivation and engagement. As Deuteronomy advises, most employees and individuals respond positively to tangible rewards due to their sense of security. However, these rewards often deplete quickly, and the motivation may dwindle, meaning managers should ways of keeping the employees motivated, making intrinsic rewards critical.

Intrinsic rewards are also essential in motivational success since they offer permanent non-tangible benefits that are not costly to attain, meaning the can be repeated numerous times (Thomas, 2009). As such, even in the absence of tangible rewards, the employees retain their sense of security and hope that are critical in their daily operational tasks.


In conclusion, an elaborate reward system is critical the workplace environment. Rewards often ensure that the employees remain motivated throughout their execution of duties. The Bible requires managers to pay their dues to the employees often, but the salaries may be depleted with time. To retain the motivation within employees, intrinsic rewards are critical.


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