Florida Budgetary Process

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Date:  2021-03-25

In the current economy, budgetary process is one of the major tools that each government considers for decision making to aid in the growth of the economy. A budget being a documented draft that contains authorized forecasted annual revenues and expenditure of a country the ministry of finance has a responsibility in ensuring that it is tabled in the legislature and approved for a fiscal year. It also includes quantitative measures such as assets, cash flows and planned revenues for a specified period to facilitate organizational control in an economy.

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Florida country, for example, a budget has to be developed to support the economy remain in a stable position and pass through the local government for verification, implementation, adjustment before the government officials sign it as a valid document. The budget process in Florida is controlled by Constitution of the state and Statute which involves the inputs of citizens, the approval by the government and the state agencies for discussion and opinions. The budget becomes relevant after it is adopted and accepted by the Legislature and signed by the Governor (Kim & Schachter, 2013).

For a budget to be efficient and manageable, it has to be flexible and easy to understand making adjustments in activities that were overvalued or undervalued for the management to meet its enterprise goals and objectives. The procedure by which the executive management prepares in advance its finances and controls its operations by forming standards relating to income and expenditure to adjust on its actual performance. Further, the process is essential to all managers in measuring the financial performance of the organization for service delivery to customers and accountability based on operations assessment.

In addition, before a budget become legal and operational, four major processes must adhere with for reliable implementation. The first step is designing a budget manual by which contain instructions guiding the duties of persons and records relating to the development and use of the budget. In addition, it is concerned with drafting a budget for submission to the legislature and a financial policy is set up to estimate the number of available revenues. These funds are meant for establishing total resources for spending within the budgetary period, and it has to be approved by the legislature.

Secondly, is the budget committee constitution that consists of the chief executive officer and representatives of different sectors such as finance, production, marketing, selling and engineering. Their role is to design the program for the preparation of the budget, directly reports to the top management accumulated budget data, modifies the resources and suggest changes that can be made by the organization's objectives. Furthermore, the committee coordinates corrective actions used in improving efficiency to achieve budgetary goals and balancing of business operations.

Moreover, the identification of principal budget factor is also a process that needs consideration due to the factor limits and the level of activities for example insufficient skilled labor, inadequate machine capacity and raw materials. The items need to be investigated and determined before making a final draft of functional budgets to assist in the realization of the liquid assets that needs to be considered at the top of budgeting list as they are the core function f or business existence. However, the appointment of a budget leader elected mostly design rules used in giving instructions on drafting a budget for different sectors and receiving their estimated budgets. The officer also offers relevant information to various departments that will help the managers forecasts cash funds their organizational resources within the required period to ensure that the budgets are properly monitored and verification before it is approved (Glas& Hofmann, 2013).

Establishing the budget sessions is the last process and entails drawing up control periods on a weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly basis. Preparation of the master budget being a consolidation of several useful resources such as production budget and distribution budget. It can be summarized into Budgeted Statement of Comprehensive Income and Budgeted Statement of Financial Position to determine a deficit or an increment on the actual budgeted to the estimated amount. In Florida, the law states that the local government must adopt a balanced budget that will anticipate the needs of the citizens about the current economic condition. It is achieved through a long-term financial planning so that it does spend many resources than the revenues it collects from grants or borrowing from other countries (Whealan-George, et al., 2015).

In conclusion, for any government to have a full allocation of resources in an efficient manner, he must practice fiscal discipline that will assist in the measurement of total revenues and expenditure to maintain a financial balance of production. A well-forecasted budget plan helps in projecting annual expenses of the corporation making the staffs in the sector think about future regarding financial and economic performance.


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