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Music therapy has been known to have a significant effect on people, specifically people recovering from a traumatic brain disorder. Music therapy is a different science that can ease the pain in folks receiving treatment for chemotherapy, and it can also help those dealing with depression. It reduces physical, emotional, and mental suffering.

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In this article, the author, explains that Music therapy is an evidence-based and clinical use of music to achieve goals within a therapeutical association by authorized professionals with whom they have completed a therapy program in music. Therefore, it provides the remedy to patients. However, music therapy is not an alternative to prescribed medicine. They must go hand in hand. The beauty of it is that people with mental, emotional, social and spiritual problems are cured.

In this article, the author, the psychologist explains that Music therapists are professionals that have completed a music therapy course. They have licensed music professionals. Therapists must be knowledgeable and skilled in music. Customary, most of them are awarded an undergraduate degree in music and later certified by the music therapist Board (Lee, 2014). Also, they complete a series of clinical sessions and examinations. Lee (2014) adds that the therapist uses music to cure people in different ways. These include singing along with the sick people, having them relax when soft music is playing, help them meditate when the music plays and demeanor some exercises and music movements (Lee, 2014).

In this article, the author (Ulbricht 14) explains that during music therapy sessions, a therapist can make his/her music and expertise it to a particular situation a patent might be going through. A therapist, therefore, can create a rhythm which caters for a patient's particular problem one of their subsequent sessions, the therapist tailors and prepares the music and examines it on the patient. The therapist again involves the patient in bringing and picking on the music that they like. In this activity, the therapist leads the patient in singing, conducting exercises about the music.

Targets of Music Therapy

In this article, the author suggests that music therapy can help everyone including, adults, children, the elderly, people with mental illnesses, growing children, people with developing disabilities, people in lingering pain and drug addicts. It is not only for the sick mentally and emotionally as it were the case in traditional days (Lee, 2014). When music therapy s operated along with the thoughts and movements of a person, it improves various aspects of the person such as the physical balance, enhances the speaking skills of the person and also boosts their memories. Also (Lee, 2014) suggests that those patients who had earlier been emotionally and psychologically tottered are healed. Music therapy also helps people recover from insensitivity by developing and giving them a positive mental picture; this helps in reducing mental pain and stress (Lee, 2014). With the exercises and movements music therapy offers, it helps a patient take relief off the physical pain; this can help them withstand other ailments.

In support of this article, the author, a music therapist (Lee, 2014) explains that brain waves are stimulated by music therapy. This, therefore, is healthy for a patient's mind he adds that there is an immense difference between the brain and other body organs. Therefore, the same way other body parts become active and healthy when subjected to a series of exercises, the same case happens to the brains, it gets stronger, and consequently, more useful.

In this article, the author of this article Dr. (Andy 30) says that energizing the brain using music is virtually equal to strengthening the functions of the heart using cardiovascular practices. The brain waves are directly affected by music. Faster and stronger music rhythms make people more alert, with slower music; patients can relax and meditate therefore become healthy (Lee, 2014). It also helps people develop a positive state of mind; this lowers blood pressure and reduces stress.

The author of this article further suggests that music therapy affects the job markets and increases employability. Therefore, licensed professionals therapists can work in various sectors and institutions such as schools, prisons, hospitals, physician's offices and free training services (Lee, 2014). Music therapy is elastic, and patents which have no music background of any kind do not need to worry since it is not inclined to any form of music. This is the work of the mind and body organs to respond to the music stimuli. Music therapy pays dividends by soothing the pain and therefore curing the physical and mental ailments. Therefore, music therapy is for every person, not only the sick.

When used with guided imagery, music produces pictures state of consciousness that adds in unveiling emotional responses which were previously hidden. For healthy students, music can be used to develop language and reading skills. Methods used involves listening to musical rhythm and responding to t by recording or through music.

This approach in this article was developed by the professor and the author of the article (George 13). He was a therapist by profession. This method involves guiding music and imagery together. For patients with psychological and physiological problems, mental imagery can be used to give remedy to the patient. (Lee, 2014) Explains that this approach includes instructing the patient to focus on a particular image. This image is used as a starting point for discussing and thinking out the related problems the patients might be suffering from (Lee, 2014). This music therapy technique helps patients to heal and also offers a solution to widespread awareness of the same.


In conclusion, this paper has shown that for a longer period, music has been considered as a significant way of therapy. It has helped provide a throughway for emotions. Therefore music has a benefit on the physical and mental state of a patient. In this article, the authors and professors (Lee, 2014) explain that music improves the immune system of an individual's body and minimizes stress. Also, when a sick person consistently listens to music, productions of immunoglobulin A1 which is a body antibody increases. Also naturally occurring cells that attack and kill germs are produced. This helps to keep the body healthy.

In conclusion, music therapy is a fascinating method of cure. This is because of its medical relations and an all-involving process, therefore, regardless of the ailment a person may be suffering from or specific symptoms that a person may be experiencing; there is a better chance of therapists offering help.


Lee, Colin Andrew (2014). "Aesthetic Music Therapy." The Oxford Handbook of Music Therapy.

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