Faith Statement and Belief - Thesis Statement on Religion Issue

Date:  2021-04-20 14:26:37
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Currently, the world has several denominations in the world that Christians believe in and attach to their faith such Catholic Church, Protestantism, Pentecostalism, Anglicanism, restorations among others. They give one a sense of belonging to their religion as well as providing them an insight into the teachings of the Bible. In particular, I have been brought up in a Pentecostal denomination with my home church being Bethlehem Assembly of God. My doctrine believes in the one true God that He exists in Three in one being, the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The Father is the creator of the universe and everything in it. Besides, He loved the world and sent His Son, Jesus to restore and give a new beginning to his people. In accordance with Acts 10:47, my doctrine practices Holy Baptism, which signifies the beginning of the new life and erasing of the original sin that was committed by Adam and Eve. This is also in line with the old Testament times whereby, prophets used water to baptize their people as a sign of internal cleansing. Having gone through baptism as a believer, the Pentecostal church believers also speak in tongue, which is an evidence of the baptism in Holy Spirit. This is a gift given to believers by the Holy Spirit so that they can declare the wonders of God and engage in adoration.

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As a sign of service to Christians and humbleness as initiated by Jesus to His disciples, I believe in ministry and washing of foot to the believers. Church ministers do this on monthly basis . Besides, as indicated in the book of Corinthians 5:21 it also signifies a way of the cleansing of Christians from their sins and the conversion to Christs righteousness. As stated in the book of John 13:8 unless I wash you, you have no part with me, the washing of the feet also symbolizes being part of the Church of God. My faith also believes in taking the Holy Communion, which signifies the nourishing of spiritual souls which is Christs body and blood. Just like in normal cases whereby, humans need material food for survival, Christians need spiritual food for cleansing and nourishing souls. However, the taking of the Holy Eucharist only becomes symbolic when Christians have faith while taking it. The Holy Eucharist clears Christians off their mortal sins.

In addition to this, the Pentecostal domination also believes in divine redemption and placing of hands. Divine Redemption is a spiritual belief in Christians whereby, they are cleansed off their mortal sins through faith and acceptance of Christ into their lives. It is important to note that, for one to take the Holy Eucharist, they have to have undergone divine redemption in order to evade the sin of sacrilege. The church also engages in the preaching of the gospel and bringing more people to the house of God. This brings about spiritual sanctification and salvation to Christians. It is through this that we engage in the preaching of the Gospel to non-believers, sharing of food to the hungry, casting out of demons and healing the sick by placing of hands. Leading as an example just like Christ, I engage in various missions in overseas each year Such as Republic Dominican and Haiti to do the work of Christ. We participate in community preaching of the gospel, distributing of food, taking care of the sick and supplying of other necessities to those who are need


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